Be the Change: Malachi Leopold and his story of reunited love

BE THE CHANGE – This is a series of posts highlighting people and projects that I encounter during my travels that are, in my opinion, doing the hard work of changing the world for the better. Subjects are chosen purely by me, no committee or proposal needed, so if you know of a great project [Read More…]

My time at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2011 Clergy Call

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be part of a press conference at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2011 Clergy Call in Washington, DC. Every two years HRC brings people of faith together to lobby elected officials regarding legislation that will ensure civil and human rights for LGBTQ people. I was only able to [Read More…]

My Mixed Reaction to the New Believe Out Loud Video

Now for those who know me, there should be no doubt where I stand on homosexuality and the church. Not a sin, not a choice, not an issue for me. Still, there is much work to be done to address how the church responds to the still controversial “issue” of homosexuality. My own denomination, the [Read More…]