Worship and Liturgy Around Death Due to Domestic Violence

One of the reasons that I choose to be part of a Christian larger denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), is because I can lean into a much larger scope of work and ministry than I would ever be able to accomplish on my own or as part of a single congregation. I realize that this is NOT how everyone chooses to live out their Christian faith, but this is how I choose to live mine. It’s all good.

One of the PC(USA) ministries for which I have great affection is the Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association and the 10 Networks that are doing some amazing things in the world. One of the networks, Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network, has put out a call for connections as they build a liturgy and worship project around the lost of members due to domestic violence.

PHEWA’s Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN) is in the process of writing a worship grant designed to create healing and restorative worship and other liturgical resources for congregations that have been impacted by the loss of a church member whose death was the result of domestic violence. Although we would like for the congregations to be part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), that is not necessary and there may be other Christian communities of faith that you know of which have struggled and suffered their way through the loss of a member as a result of domestic violence.

The purpose of the project is . . .

  • To establish a list of congregations who have experienced the death of a congregant resulting from domestic violence.
  • To discern how those congregations addressed the domestic violence tragedy as a worshipping community and to share with each other worship resources that were useful in bringing about healing.
  • To determine the gaps in existing liturgical resources, which are designed to address this issue, and to develop a full ranging variety of Reformed worship resources designed to address the needs of congregations struggling with the tragedy of domestic violence within their congregation.
  • To draw representatives together as a pilot group to share in the development and use of those resources

I realize that many may not have been directly touched by the death of someone due to domestic violence, but this is such an important area of ministry that must b addressed at all levels of church life, that I hope you’ll pass it on or give some feedback. If you are interested in participating in some way, please download the LETTER AND SURVEY (PDF).

For more information contact Susan Stack:  (800) 728-7228, x5800 or by email.