Why are the Detroit Tigers on my Twitter Profile?

ADDENDUM: Players featured on my twitter profile thus far: “Sweet” Lou Whitaker, Ozzie Virgil Sr., Larry Doby . . .

This morning I have no voice and my baseball spirit is in mourning. Last night, my wife and I went to watch the Oakland A’s play the Detroit Tigers in, Game #5 of the American League Divisional Championships. Win and go on to play for the American League pennant, lose and go home for the winter.

It was loud and raucous as a playoff game should be, but we lost – and yes, I say “we” because that’s just how it is – and this morning I am a sad, sad, sad boy.

Now before you get all Judgey McJudgerson on me for using up your time to talk about sports — yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just a game and there are more important things going on in the world. But come on, let a boy be bitter for a few moment about his team losing for the second freaking year in a row, to the same freaking team, and to the same freaking pitcher.

Grrrrrrrrr, that Justin Verlander.

As we discussed this morning as a family, “Justin Verlander is a child of God, but we still hate that guy.”

Yes, these are the theological conversations we have in our home.

For those of you who follow me on twitter, this morning you also saw this tweet.

One of the great joys of interacting in the space where church, community and social media converge has been building up relationships with people around a variety of randomly awesome interests. I have had the pleasure of getting to know new people through conversations that run the gamut of social/cultural import. From in-depth theological discussions, to responses to cultural happenings, to sharing personal projects, to smack-talking over fantasy football to, yes, baseball, I have been enriched by the people whom I have come to know over twitter and other social media locations.

For example — this Fall, as my beloved Oakland Athletics Baseball Club were battling their way into the post-season, I proposed a little wager with Texas Rangers friends, @anglibyerian and @froggent on who would win the Western Division.

The wager: whoever lost would have to change their twitter profile and include other team’s logo for the duration of the winner’s run in the postseason.

High social media stakes, baby. High stakes.

Stop laughing. This is serious stuff 😉

As it turned out, the Athletics won the West and @anglibyerian and @froggent had to pay up. I will say that when the first profile pics showed up with with Texas Manager, Ron Washington, in his A’s uniform, I was duly impressed and glad they found a way to pay off the bet that would not totally eat away at their baseball souls. Well done!

How happy were they that the A’s lost last night? This happy . . .

So now it’s my turn to pay the piper as I placed the same wager with Tigers fans, @davidwshinn, @cgmama and @bryberg and will have a rotation of Detroit Tigers’ images that I can live with for as long as the Tigers remaining in the postseason.

And yes, it hurts.

But as they say, there’s always next year.


Bruce’s Friday Five v3.9

My Friday Five is somewhat of a mishmash of stuff I have recently seen around the interwebs, some of which I actually kept track of and others, I just remembered upon the writing of this post. Enjoy.

ONE | How cool is this? Right next to one of my cafe hang-outs my office, Miraloma Cleanerswill dryclean your suit for free if you are unemployed and have an interview. The owner said that only a few folks have taken them up on the deal, but what a great gesture. When you walk in you can tell these are folks committed to the community.

And yeah, I am a new customer.

TWO | Not sure how many of you are keeping up with the Pinoy Hip Hop scene, but just in case you wanted to expand your musical knowledge, I recenly stumbled across this 2006 paper by Michael Viola, Filipino American Hip-Hop and Class Consciousness: Renewing the Spirit of Carlos Bulosan. And if you want to get get a taste check out Blue Scholars on Spotifyand my favorite Filipino American Music videos from apl.de.ap AKA Allen Pineda Lindo, Mama Filipina and The Apl Song.

THREE | I love finding new technologies and software that help built community, makes things look pretty and otherwise expand the ways in which communities sees and experiences itself and others. Some of you who are cooler than I may already use these, but three services that I have recently started using: I use the online service RoundPic to edit pictures like the one above; the leadership team of the new church I am part of is using GroupMe for group texting and conference calls; and Punchbowl is a great alternative invitation site if eVite drives you just a little nutzo.

FOUR | As you know I am a huge baseball and Oakland A’s fan. With Spring Training in full effect, we welcome two new faces to the club house, Manny Ramirez and Yoenis Cespedes. I have promised myself to get to more games this year so I am beyond excited about these two additions. From what I have read, Cespedes is a monster and Manny is a changed man! Hope springs eternal during spring training so I am going to go ahead and predict and surprise A’s Playoff run in 2012. You heard it here first.

FIVE | One of the best parts about helping folks to develop their social media skilz is meeting folks who are really trying to do some good in the world. Whether it is through their socially responsible business or using their gifts of music or art to bring some beauty to world, I am constantly in awe of those who share their gifts with the world. I just started with with Jeremy Goodfeather as he works to spread the word about his music and message. This San Francisco based singer-songwriter is one to listen to. Like him on Facebookfollow him on Twitterlisten to him on Spotify and watch his video below, Shine on Me.