Three Reasons You Should Try Instagram

By now most of you have heard of Instagram. Not only did Facebook buy this fledgling company for a bazzillion dollars, but for many folks it has become the social media platform of choice. The reason that I too have gravitated to Instagram might be that my twitter and facebook feeds are getting more and more difficult to track or [Read More…]

My San Francisco: The Excelsior

With this post, I am beginning a new series called “My San Francisco” where I will periodically share pictures from events and districts around San Francisco.  There is a little more info here, but suffice it to say that I am not trying to provide a comprehensive look into any gathering or neighborhood, but rather to [Read More…]

I Heart Church Camp: Montreat 2011 Memories

I heart church camp. From my days growing up attending Zephyr Point Conference Center, to gathering for events at Stoney Point, Ghost Ranch, Westminster Woods, Mo-Ranch and The Heartland Center, I am so grateful for the history and ministry of Presbyterian-related camps and conferences. The impact that conference centers such as these have had on my own [Read More…]

Advice and Guidance for a Photography Newbie?

UPDATE 06.26.11: Here are some pics I took at SF Pride 2011 [Facebook Album]. Like many people, I have always wanted to dive a little deeper into photography.  A very long time ago, I had a film Canon EOS and really loved the process of taking pics.  Over time I went through various stages of [Read More…]