Bruce’s Friday Five v8.2

1/ONE – Recently my wife and I have gotten seriously hooked on Rev., a dramedy from the BBC. Rev. is one of the best church based shows I have seen because it is clear that whoever is advising them knows what it is like to pastor a small urban church today. From the neighboring “hip” church that tries [Read More…]

CNN Reports, “Social Media Will, In Fact, Save the Church”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the CNN dig.* I’m just bitter 😉 You see, today, my new book, The Definitive-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church, (Shook Foil Books) dropped on Amazon and iTunes and wouldn’t you know it, there was some decision made by some branch of the government that totally stole my thunder. [Read More…]

How to Get Your Free Copy AKA Let the Shameless Book Promotion Begin!

Cut to the chase and SUBSCRIBE to find out how to get your free copy. As many of you know, the publishing world is in the midst of a drastic change. The impact of shrinking budgets, the rise of ePublishing and the nature of social media has created a changing “norm” for the entire process. This [Read More…]

What Will Bruce’s Next Book Be About?

[Photo by ktylerconk] This weekend I turned in what is pretty close to the final edited manuscript for my first book. There will be some final editing and layout approval, but for the most part this ebook is out of my hands.* I will definitely share some angsty first-time author reflections soon, but it is safe to say that there is [Read More…]