FREE eBOOK: 54 Leaders Under 50 Share 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation

This morning I received a note announcing the release of a new FREE eBook from Luther Seminary and their Lilly Foundation funded Vibrant Congregations Project. I have not read it yet, but just by walking through the list of contributors, my guess is that everyone should be able to find SOMETHING useful.

While this combination of names may not always be seen in the same group, our common connection is that we are still part of the under-50 crowd and we see some hope and movement in the church. I doubt that any of us naive about what is going on, but merely do not want doom and gloom to define the whole story, especially for a people who claim to believe in new life even out of death.

Here is a little from Editor, David Lose, as he talks about the origin of Renew 52,

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of people complaining about the decline of the church.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as aware of the dismal statistics as you are. But I’m tired of hearing them for two reasons. First, precisely because we already know them, I’m just not sure how helpful it is to repeat them to ourselves endlessly. Second, because it’s not the whole story. There is a lot of growth, a lot of potential, and a lot of hope in our congregations as well as decline. Moreover, the Spirit is moving in exciting ways and I am firmly convinced that we are on the cusp of exciting, if unpredictable, renewal.

And yes, this is a FREE eBOOK that you can read on your Kindle, Nook or iPad. Just head on over to to download your copy today. And if you are a contributor and want to share your contact info, please feel free to leave it in the comments section so folks can find you.

The 54 contributors to Renew 52 are as follows:

Eric D. Barreto, Kate Blanchard, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Kurt Borgmann, Dan Bredberg, Theresa Cho, Adam J. Copeland, Wayne E. Croft, Lillian Daniel, Keri Day, Nathan Dungan, David L. Everett, David Gambrell, Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Sara Hayden, Christopher A. Henry, Jodi Houge, Terrance Jacob, Rolf A. Jacobson, Sandhya Jha, Tony Jones, Verity A. Jones, Salim Kaderbhai, Karoline Lewis, David J. Lose (editor), Ronnie McBrayer, Joy L. McDonald Coltvet, Meg Peery McLaughlin, Michael D. McLaughlin, Carol Howard Merritt, Joy J. Moore, Martha Moore-Keish, Roger S. Nam, Amy E. Orstad, Anjeanette Perkins, Christian Piatt, Rozella Poston, Russell Rathbun, Nick Reed & Kathy Wolf Reed, Amy Reeder Worley, Peter Rollins, Andrew Root, Kara K. Root, Ryan Sato, Christian Scharen, Amy Thompson Sevimli, Jeffrey Small, Alan Storey, Adam Thomas, Deanna A. Thompson, Daryl Thul, Peter J. Walker, Sarah Walker Cleaveland and me.

Gimme a P-L-G-R-M! What does it spell?

Well apparently Landon Whitsitt and crew did not get the memo that paper is dead 😉 So why the heck did I just donate a little bank to help kickstart this new quarterly magazine?

Because I have a heart for people leaping out in faith in order to change the world for the better and PLGRM sounds freaking awesome.

PLGRM . . . is a quarterly magazine – which WILL be published in electronic and paper form – that explores the people and ideas associated with the “new spiritual awakening” as suggested by Diana Butler Bass in her book, Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening.

PLGRM . . . shines a spotlight on the lives and interests of those no longer satisfied with Modern Christianity as they search for a more authentic spiritual expression.

PLGRM . . . is bold and principled, unafraid to take firm stances on dicey issues.

PLGRM . . . explores inter-religious/inter-spiritual ideas and practices, the work and convictions surrounding creation care, and in the pursuit of peace and equality (with particular focus on combating violence, poverty, and oppression).

PLGRM . . . celebrates a variety of voices – some humorous, some painful, some cutting, some joyful; voices that share an earnestness that this journey towards a new spiritual awakening is vital and must be taken seriously.

PLGRM . . . has been created to inspire the spiritually dissatisfied to begin crafting new structures of their religious and spiritual existence.

You are not alone. Join others on this PLGRM journey.

You can do your own Googling, but here is a list of the first issue contributors: Theresa Cho, Jake Hofmeister, Lia School, Alexis Meyers, Kerri Allen, Carol Howard Merritt, Shawna Bowman, Ryan Kemp-Pappan, Rocky Supinger, Douglas Hagler.

If you want to help fund PLGRM with a Kickstarted Donation today click [HERE].

And here’s a little video from Landon.

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