Thank you for not voting

Okay, so in a recent post, I admitted that while I do not hate Mitt Romney, I was not going to vote for him. And while I can certainly take the high road about personal attacks on candidates, as one who does not want him or the accompanying Republican platform elected, if you are a supporter and choosing not to [Read More…]

Apparently I am a San Francisco “Pissed off Voter” . . . Sort Of.

  Now I know that some people value the idea that people can vote and people need not know how they voted, but being the transparent blogging fool that I am with just a smidge of influence in some areas, I am going to go ahead and share how I voted and what I think [Read More…]

Jan’s Open Love Letter to Her North Carolina Kin

[Photo by stephenmeszaros] One of my favorite people in the world is, pastor and friend, Jan Edmiston [blog|twitter]. Unless she has a secret life – which could be entirely possible – I don’t believe that Jan has won any world championships, saved anyone from a burning building or beat out a bunch of other people on some reality [Read More…]

A Shameless Ask for a Silly Contest About.Me

I have talked about the service before, but just in case . . . acts as a kind of online business card where you can hold and share a snapshop of who you are: bio, images, links, etc.  I have found it a great way for folks to connect with me while being able to [Read More…]