Jan’s Open Love Letter to Her North Carolina Kin

[Photo by stephenmeszaros]

One of my favorite people in the world is, pastor and friend, Jan Edmiston [blog|twitter]. Unless she has a secret life – which could be entirely possible – I don’t believe that Jan has won any world championships, saved anyone from a burning building or beat out a bunch of other people on some reality show. What she has done and does that IS remarkable is to embody a beautiful version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in her living, breathing and in her writing.

Here is just a taste of her faith in her recent post,  An Open Love Letter to My N.C. Kin.

It is in this family that I came to follow Christ.  In this family, I learned how to study scripture and pray, and so did you.  And yet one of the reasons we don’t talk politics at family gatherings is because we disagree.  We vote differently in elections.  We interpret scripture differently in terms of what we believe God is calling us to do and be.

With this in mind – and at the risk of offending people I love in North Carolina – I am prayerfully asking you to take the name of Jesus into the voting booth this Tuesday.  Because it is already illegal for same-sex couples to marry, my prayer is that – no matter what you believe about gay people – you will, please, vote against Amendment 1.  It is unnecessarily mean-spirited and it will hurt people we love.

Thanks Jan.

I am not sure how much people minds can be changed on this issue these day, but this does not mean that we stop trying. I firmly believe that many religious folks in all states who are struggling with this kind of legislation must hear from religious leaders. This might not be a “you should vote this way” kind of conversation, but one that encourages folks to deeply examine how their faith informs their lives and actions around these important social and legislative happenings.

Too often, with good intentions, religious leaders remain silent around divisive issues in the church. I get it, I really do. Still, I would urge you to no longer stay silent, because as Jan shows us, speaking for what we believe can be done with integrity, conviction and love.

A Shameless Ask for a Silly Contest About.Me

I have talked about the about.me service before, but just in case . . . about.me acts as a kind of online business card where you can hold and share a snapshop of who you are: bio, images, links, etc.  I have found it a great way for folks to connect with me while being able to easily keep all information up-to-date. It has a clean simplified interface with many great templates and as one who is also trying to build up readership and increase my interactions, the analytics help me to see how effectively I am connecting with folks.  All-in-all a pretty cool service.

So, when about.me started the contest to get either ones profile on plastered on their billboard and/or a trip to NYC, I figured what the heck, lets go for it.  Pretty much any chance to go to New York I am going to jump on. After my favorite city in the world, San Francisco, New York is number two, so with a few facebook and twitter pleas, I find myself in the top 5% with about two weeks to go.

Time togo big or go home .

So here is the blatant ask . . .

  • VOTE TODAY – On your computer and/or phone vote by going to http://about.me/breyeschow and clicking the ballot on the right.
  • REPEAT – Please vote every day until September 20.
  • SHARE – If you really want to help, feel free to use the buttons on the ballot to share on twitter and facebook as well.
  • REMINDERS – To avoid really being obnoxious about this, if you want reminder, “LIKE” This Status Update and I’ll be sure to drop a reminder every so often.

I think that’s it. Again, in the great scheme of things, not at all important, it will help me get connected and did I mention . . . New York 😉