110,000 Views of the #IBuiltThis Video!!

… and counting.  Have you seen it yet?

Also, I keep getting amazing photos from so many of my wonderful readers.  (I’ve kind of gotten behind there are so many, to be honest!)  Stay tuned for a fresh batch of even more “I Built This, Mr. President” photos very soon!

And thank you, readers.  Your stories are so inspiring!


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  • stacie

    Sarah & Todd raised Bristol, they should do something to help this screwed up girl.

  • stacie

    Ever wonder why Track, Bristol’s brother seems to want nothing to do with the family?

  • stacie

    Gino, the simple minded boyfriend. No education. Must remind Bristol of her Father.

    • Emma Lora

      Stacie, are the trashers using you for a mascot?

      Hope you are young and can get over the envy and bitterness before you get so set in your ways and become old and bitter. Good luck

  • stacie

    even plastic surgery cannot hide the nasty in Bristol.

  • louiseharas

    Leaving Gino at the side of the road was a great idea. Now, when Tripp acts up, you can threaten him with the same treatment. We know that you’ll come back for him in five minutes, but maybe it will teach him to stop saying how much he hates you. Ya gotta treat ‘em tough or they’ll be tough on you.

  • Matt Jacobs

    Uh. What are those vehicles in the video driving on? Did they build the roads and bridges? No? Then they needed the government in order to build their business.

    Did they educate themselves and their workforce all by themselves? No? Then they needed the government in order to build their business.

    The absurd claims that “the government is the problem” is what Obama was arguing against, but you have no interest in actually addressing that point. Obviously, it’s much easier to misrepresent that argument, since a straw man is much easier to attack than to even try to respond to the real issue.

    • Piscean Gal


    • Worried

      Yes Matt you are correct, the roads and bridges were “mostly” built by a government entity and yes, teachers also help educate and they too are governed by government. Not protesting this fact.
      Although, what you seem to be missing in this entire equation is the fact that government is a “non-revenue generating entity” meaning that your tax dollars pay for the roads and bridges and teacher salaries to name a few. When small businesses push to build a dream and endure many years of trials and tribulations throughout and succeed they pay taxes again for this success. So, ask yourself where would government be without the taxpayer?

  • Worried

    Stacie, why so much hate in your heart? Please for your sake , speak these harsh words out loud to yourself in front of a mirror and envision your parents standing behind you listening. Is this the way they raised you? I would not think they would be proud. Lets move to stop bullying at the root.

    • Lucy

      Would you please ask Sarah the same question

  • Brenda

    Nice try but we know Bristol certainly didn’t “build” that compilation. Or write the blog. You all think the average American public is too dumb to notice.

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  • Lucy

    Are you folks ignorant or just evil? If you listen to what the president ACTUALLY said , not hateful snippets you folks love to absorb you will conclude you have been believing LIES. It does not take a rocket scientist to comprehend the TRUTH!