“Forget Chuck Norris, We Got Todd Palin!”

Check out this new NBC reality television “Stars Earn Stripes” – featuring my Dad!! It looks amazing! Check out the trailer here:

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  • sally

    white trash is what Palins are

  • lindsay

    I am really excited !! He is a 4 time Iron Dog champ .. i know he can win this !!! =)

  • Michael

    WOW!!!!! GO TODD!!!!! It’s no wonder, Bristol, why you are so proud of your parents!!

  • Bonny Batman

    You guys are unreal! Just when we think we might have some inkling of the Palin’s – up comes another interesting aspect with even more fun to watch and follow. Best to Todd. Thank You for doing something positive for our men and women in the service of our nation. God Bless Good Luck I have a feeling Sarah will be somewhere close at hand doing a little cheering of her own. Love you guys!

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, I like the trailer, and I will be watching “Stars Earn Stripes” Monday night.

  • Megan M

    Can’t wait to watch that – looks awesome!

  • Katie

    That looks like a really cool show! I’m definitely going to watch it!

  • Diane

    I can’t wait to see your dad in this reality show. How cool! Tweet us all a reminder on Monday b4 the show. Wow! You are one cool family.

  • Truth101

    Listen you freckin loser. Gino and Bristol are still together so get lost.