What’s the Theme Song to Life’s a Tripp?

Many of you have asked about the really cool song that serves as an intro to my show.  Well, wonder no more!  It’s called “Get Back Up” by Jess Furman and you can listen to the entire song here!
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  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I forgot to say that the Fulton County Airport is only 1 mile away and they will love to see that Piper Cub land!

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Sarah gave a very good speech again in Belleville MI. I did not hear any Detroit natives BOO anything she said about BO and there was much, either they didn’t come or agreed with Sarah. Dearborn is a very large Muslim area and there was no trouble.

  • chump

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska is the only other ‘reality’ show I watched. I am shocked at the wicked comments make about your family. The fact you guys are making money off other peoples hatred is great. Will Life’s a Tripp be on again next season?