DWTS Second Week’s Dance: Quick Step

On DWTS Week Two, Mark and I danced to “Redneck Woman,” made famous by Gretchen Wilson.  See it here!

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  • Charles Sanders

    I thought yu were gerat keep up the good work

  • Darren White

    Woohoo! Congratulations Bristol! I’m so pleased that you won another week on DWTS All Stars Season 15. I am voting and supporting all the way. Continue to work hard in reherasals. Tell Mark Ballas you want to do more advance ballroom dance. Remember the more hours you put in training, the better the performance.

    I love your perserverance. You can do this Bristol. Just take it one week at a time. After all, What do you have to lose? Throw caution to the wind. Chances win dances. Years from now, when Tripp becomes a man, He will learn that you did this for him. And have a greater love and respect for your perserverance. God love you Bristol. Go Team Ballin! :-D

    • Reallynow

      God loves Bristol for being on a dancing reality show. Lol I guess that’s where he was the day that 12 year old girl was gang raped by 10 men, helping Bristol Palin make money by dancing. Some of you so called “Christians” make me sick. You invoke God for such stupid crap. No wonder atheism is on the rise. With stupid, shallow people like you.

  • jack

    Your entire family are drooling morons.

  • Fado

    NanaZj Bristol was the worst dancer Monday night. She was even worse than Week 1. Hard to believe a week
    of practice produced that. Why can’t that girl move?

  • Jinky

    Yeah, I voted over 100 times for u guys!
    You rock!!!!!!

    • Jinky

      PS. I’m only 10 years old and u r my idol!!!!!!

  • Murphey Shaw

    Go girl … You have come so far, have fun!!!

  • Tawny Jones

    Bristol, you are lovely & light on your feet. You & Mark are the most exciting couple. Hope you win first prize.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome Quickstep, Bristol! Super fun! The audience “ate it up”. (quote from Tom) The scores you received from the judges was a slap in the face. But please don’t let them break your spirit, Bristol. Just dance for the fans. We adore you and Mark. You two looked super cute that night. Loved your cowboy/cowgirl threads. You’re a gorgeous, Alaskan redneck woman, Bristol! #hellyeah

  • sodakhic

    Did anyone realize Bill Maher was here impersonating Gilly? Hey Bill, stuff it.

  • Bree Merr

    For all of you sad, sad people who are whining about Bristol still in the game, why don’t you emplore people on your facebook to vote for the othere? Try the positive approach instead of the negative approach of whining about those who voted for Bristol? Come on get people to vote for your version of a “good” dancers. Personally I like her dances and so did many others, so why are you here whining instead of doing something positive for your favorite????