New DWTS “Paper Moose” Controversy

Last week, to get in the mood for our Dancing with the Stars quick step to “Redneck Woman,” Mark and I went to a shooting range.

Twitchy reports on some of the Twitter backlash against me, because I shot a paper target imprinted with the image of the moose.  Not a moose, mind you.  But a moose outline.

Guess what, paper moose lovers?  It gets worse than that.  A few weeks ago, my dad took Willow and me on a moose hunt.  In case you who don’t know where food comes from, this is what keeps our freezers full at home.

If who’ve never been to a range, don’t knock what you haven’t tried.  When you do it right, target shooting is safe and a whole lot of fun.

As for those whose hearts are full of compassion for paper, I can assure you that the targets don’t feel a thing.

See you at the range!

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  • Gregory Russo

    I am clearly not a liberal, but I am not a fan of guns.

    However, I do strongly support the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. I do understand the harsh environment in Alaska. You have to arm yourself and hunt for food, there.

    I enjoyed Bristol/Mark’s performance and the song this week. In conclusion, I gave all my votes to them, as well as my prayers.

  • Jenny B.

    What about the paper human form Mark shot? They just wish they were as good a shot as you are.

  • sarah

    Oh my I am so offended by the fact that you shot a moose and Mark shot a man(sarcasm) How stupid can people so the problem is they dont know to shoot and there just jealous that u guys can….lol. Have fun and keep up the good work

  • Laurie

    Bristol, ignore the liberal loons, have fun on DWTS, and as Ron said above, focus on what you need to do to ace this, you DO have it in you!

  • Robyn Refsland Lund

    Well, the way I see it, are they only complaining about the moose and not the outline of a person with bullets through “his/her” head? Nothing wrong with a shooting range. :)

  • Eddie Greenberg

    Again this has nothing to do with politics! Some people are just plain nuts! This young woman Bristol is doing well on the dance floor. Why not support her and Mark for working so hard to do their best. I see her as respectful, reliable and striving to do her ethical best. Please don’t make this to be an ugly experience for her. All the candidates should be treated fairly.

  • mlynn

    Liberals, come out of your closet and enjoy life for once. All creation were made for mankind, not to rule man. The Creator gave us permission to enjoy His creation and fill our stomach with the animals. But do you know what He disapproved of? killing babies!

    • Fado

      Mlynn, thats your personal religious belief. And not a good one for the planet.

      • Gilly

        I agree Fado. This is the problem with religion. They believe the invisible man in the sky will solve all their problems and they can do anything they want to the earth because He gave it to them. Scary.

        • liberty

          Gilly did your father SATAN tell you that

  • Joseph

    Oh, good grief! What’s the controversy? NOTHING!!!

  • Ellie

    Bristol,don’t pay attention to what they say no matter what you do or say they always have a comment for it.
    You just do your best you have it in you .
    I agree with Ron Devito 100%

  • Karen Crouse

    Don’t people that train to be policemen, CIA agents, FBI agents, etc. practice shooting carboard human targets? Just saying…