More Women Are Doing the Right Thing

When I got pregnant, I was only 17 and pretty scared.  In other words, I feel compassion for people who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and who are dealing with issues they’ve never had to consider.  I wrote about the moment I realized I was pregnant in my book “Not Afraid of Life:”

Baby.  Just the thought of it was so staggering.  I wasn’t afraid of taking care of one, because I’d taken care of Willow, Piper, and my cousins for years.  The scary part was being a teen mom.  Being alone.  Being a disappointment to my family.

Of course, you know the rest of the story.  I know I did the right thing in having Tripp, and it looks like many other people are deciding to have their babies too!

On Wednesday, the CDC announced that abortion rates have decline 5%.  What a wonderful development – it was a great thing to find out during Thanksgiving Week!

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bristol I know in my heart that you have neved been a disappointment to family. Now Levi he’s another story. At one time I served courts orders to those who expected fathers for blood test to determine if they were fathers of a child for support. I ran into more smucks that were not willing to help out.

  • Hemant Mehta

    Has it occurred to you that, instead of not having abortions, more people are just using contraceptives…?

    • Jason

      That’s a possibility, of course, as that would cause the abortion rate to drop.

    • BB

      I’m not sure how they arrived at that statistic but could it be that they’re comparing the number of people who visit places like Planned Parenthood then and now? I don’t think this has anything to do with contraceptives, as a pregnancy did occur. I’d be interested to know the statisticians process of determining this. The stronger the pro-life environment, the more people should realize that one must use their brain before engaging in behaviors that could result in situations where an unborn child would be put at risk in some way post-birth.

      • Sandy M.


        Apparently you didn’t follow the link to the CDC site – their methodologies are explained pretty clearly. They indicate that “the change from 2008 to 2009 for both the total number of abortions and the abortion rate was the largest single year decrease during 2000–2009, and all three measures of abortion (total numbers, rates, and ratios) decreased to the lowest level observed during this period.” (By rate, they mean number of abortions per population.) They also note that they noted that “Unintended pregnancy is the major contributor to abortion. Because unintended pregnancies are rare among women who use the most effective methods of reversible contraception, increasing access to and use of these methods can help further reduce the number of abortions performed in the United States.” It’s safe to say that no one wants to see more abortions; therefore, it would seem logical to encourage better access to contraception, no?

  • Sharon

    Bristol, what a blessing to hear your story! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Sherry

    5% decline in abortion is wonderful news! I think our nation is waking up!

  • myr

    i was one month pregnant when i married my husband 33 yrs.ago.He never believes in Abortion,me either.
    Thank God i have a baby girl & she is 33 yrs old now..
    Bristol you are blessed to be sorrounded w’alot of family..
    Take care!!

  • Jason

    If a mother can legally “terminate” the child inside of her, then logically a mother should be able to “terminate” the child outside of her body no matter what age it is. No longer “want” your 30-year-old son? Terminate it!

    And that is how abortion goes against murder laws in this country. I’ve also often wondered why more women don’t choose to put their unwanted child up for adoption instead. There are plenty of families in this country who want to have children but can’t, and who would be willing to adopt.

    • BlueVA

      “If a mother can legally ‘terminate’ the child inside of her, then logically a mother should be able to ‘terminate’ the child outside of her body no matter what age it is.”


    • Sally

      Jason, you can wonder about that all you want but you’ll never know because you aren’t a woman. And for the same reason, you should have no say in the issue.

  • Ellen

    I only hope that the drop isn’t due to use of the “morning after” pill–essentially a very early-term abortion. May you be blessed from your choice to keep Tripp, and may he grow to be strong both physically and spiritually!

    • Molly

      Ellen, the morning after pill does not terminate existing pregnancies, it can prevent pregnancy only if an egg has not been released. if a woman takes the morning after pill but she has already ovulated, she can become pregnant and the pregnancy will be perfectly healthy. Do not make such suggestions about how birth control works when you clearly have no idea. And no, your feelings about how it works do not negate the science of how it actually works, ever.

  • DiaaK

    The good thing about having your children so young is that you’ve still got plenty of life left after they’ve grown to enjoy your grandkids of do a gazillion other things you always wanted to do. And it’s easy to be part of each other’s lives, too when you are all still so youthful.

  • Joseph

    Praise God! That is awesome to hear!

  • Joseph

    That’s an adorable picture of Trig and Tripp, by the way! :)