Along with all of America, I’m heartbroken over the horrific news out of Connecticut. Please pray for the victims and their families today — and for a long time to come.

  • Sally

    Marie, these guns were not obtained illegally. They belonged to the mother. Assault guns should be banned. If they were, she would not have had them. And her son would not have had them . Her head children would.

    Other countries have more gun control a far far less gun violence. The time is now fir thus country to have dialogue and change

    • Sheila

      The Palin family doesn’t want a ban on guns.

  • Sally

    Sorry, instead of ” her head children would” that was to read: And these children and teachers would be alive today.

  • Sally

    No Melissa, those children died because the ban on assault guns was allowed to lapse. Let’s hope this tragedy is enough to make politicians ignore the NRA’s threats and ban these weapons. Period.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    No folks, the problem is not the guns it’s the lack of the teaching of love and Christ to those who are lost, as the shooter was in need of which is taught in the Bible. They have banned the Bible. The stupidy is this Adminstration may want to dis-arm the American people, but will be giving Egypt a Sharia Law nation 16 of our F-17 Fighters which could take out the whole town of Newton Conn.
    Sheila get a brain, under Sharia law you’d be a dead woman.

    • Liane

      Thomas, the shooter was homeschooled. How do you know that his mother didn’t teach him and pray with him? Most homeschoolers come from families with a strong faith, right? The shooter was mentally ill, and that was a documented fact. Do you suggest that with more faith his mother could have seen him cured?

      • conservativemama

        Actually homeschooling is not so monolithic. My daughter attended a very liberal college in Massachusetts where many students had been homeschooled, all by very liberal parents.

        We have to discuss how best to deal with children suffering with various mental health issues. Too many children and their families are overwhelmed and it’s spilling out of the privacy of homes.

        Banning guns is not an answer because a person determined to destroy others will not be so easily deterred. Timothy McVeigh didn’t need a gun.

        Some of us are old enough to remember a time and place when many people owned guns for hunting mostly and these things did not happen. Society has changed and our children are paying a price. If we narrow the national discussion to just banning guns then all we’ll be doing is parroting talking points. Let’s have the discussion, but let’s get it all out there.

    • Liane

      Also, the Bible has NOT been banned. Do you suggest that a faithful family who prays together at home isn’t as faithful if they can’t also pray in school? And you need to get your facts straight about this administration. Under President Obama, gun laws have actually been loosened. Since he took office, you should take heart: you can now carry your guns into national parks and protect your family as they slumber under the stars. President Obama did that.

    • Sheila

      Thomas you are an idiot. This kid was mentally ill. No amount of love or church could have prevented him from what he did. And exactly who has banned the bible? I can buy a bible whenever I want. I can go to church as much as I want. I can pray anytime I like as long as its to myself and not bothering those around me. No one has banned any parents from teaching their children about jesus christ. Or taking them to church. Or giving them a bible. This religious argument is a crock…..only meant to distract from the real issues of mental illness and dangerous guns. Semi automatic guns and large capacity clips should be outlawed. They are not needed for hunting or protection.

      I will ignore your sharia law comments because again you are an IDIOT.

  • Sally

    Thomas, the Bible has not been banned? You are free to read it and believe it. It just has no place in public schools except perhaps in a world religions course. And as for what needs to be fine, look to other countries. Why are they so much more safe from gun violence?

  • autumng

    I feel so bad that your friendship with Mark took a toll. I don’t feel you should have done the all star season. It left you in a “worse light” than the first time. You new it would take hours of daily practice and EFFORT that you weren’t willing to put it. At least the field producers are being honest. Mark tried to be a good friend to you after the first season and you never kept in touch as much…that’s fine…but you shouldn’t have expected people to drop everything for you when even other contestants said you were unhappy doing the show. Seriously, was the money worth the humiliation? DO your son a favor and stay out of the limelight. The worst thing your mom did was to exploit her family for personal gain. Willow not that bright, Piper is rude, Track knocked up a girl and getting a divorce (marriage a sham anyway according to D.), and your son repeating what he “hears” from your family….SMH…..stop trying to be a reality star….just be a mom. Your show had barely any ratings and you had no where near the fans voting for you on dwts for a reason….look in the mirror.

  • sodakhic

    Hey everybody Media Matters is paying Sally to trash Bristol. Nice gig set up by Obama Adminstration.

    • WakeUpAmerica

      Say what? How the hell did you connect those dots?