David Letterman’s Respect for Women is the Real Joke

After I wrote my book, I had a conversation with my publisher about promotion.  They tossed out ideas about various television shows we could do to get the word out about “Not Afraid of Life.”

“What about David Letterman’s show?” my marketer asked.

“No way,” I said, “I’ll never go on there.”

“Why?” the marketer asked, apparently not aware of the rude “joke” he told about Willow.  I didn’t refresh her memory during that conversation, but I stuck to my guns.  “No Letterman.”

I didn’t want to go into it with my publicist, but here was the so-called joke:  He said, “One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

Mom had gone to the game with Willow, who was only 14-years-old at the time.

Child rape, don’t you get it?  Are you laughing yet?

After the public outrage, he apologized:

“The joke, really, in and of itself, can’t be defended,” Letterman said during Monday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.”

“I feel that I need to do the right thing here and apologize for having told that joke,” Letterman said. “It’s not your fault that it was misunderstood. It’s my fault that it was misunderstood.”

He apologized to Palin’s oldest daughter, Bristol, at whom he said the joke was directed. Letterman went on to apologize, “to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke. I’m sorry about it, and I’ll try to do better in the future.

“I told a joke that was beyond flawed, and my intent is completely meaningless compared to the perception,” he said, and claimed full responsibility for his comments.

Wow, that sounded sincere, didn’t it? My mom and dad accepted his apology, and life went on.  Turns out, he had his fingers crossed.  On Oprah’s television show, he recently said:

I’ll tell you why I apologized. I felt like Sarah Palin was somebody I wanted to continue to be able to make fun of and I felt like if I don’t apologize, if I don’t sincerely express my regret, I will not be able to go forward making fun of her. And truly, I felt bad for the 14-year-old. You know, that was just like, oh nice going, you got the wrong daughter. That was just dumb, stupid joke that fell into dumb luck and got worse.

In other words, he only apologized so he could continue to make fun of my family.  He didn’t mean to joke about Willow being raped, after all.  He meant to joke about me being knocked up.  Now, that’s a real knee-slapper.  Don’t worry, though.  This apology, which he gave on air to his wife for his sexual relationships with staff members – was sincere.  (At least until the very end.)

A notorious liberal, David Letterman’s lack of sorrow for his child rape “joke” shows just how pro-women his politics really are.  Turns out, my book didn’t need David Letterman’s help.  It was a New York Times best seller, thanks to you guys who actually care about my family.

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  • Sue Lynn

    Love you Bristol in my prayers along with your family….he is a jerk!

  • Gina

    Lettermen is not worth the time of day. Don’t let his rude antics bother you. We love you and your family!

  • shawn

    I would so move to Alaska just to date u. ;) lol

  • Carl Hutchins

    Anyone that listens to him is a JOKE…..no man or woman has the right to degrade another human being with ridicule and relentless attacks! I take complete and total offense to his comments as should everyone else and do the right thing and boycott his show. People talk about the effects that “bullying” has on the youth as well as the adults in this world and someone that is in his capacity and with the audience he has should be respectful and held to a higher standard of civility. Thank you for holding your ground and being firm. I praise you for your efforts and moral standing. You come from a fantastic and amazingly awesome family, I’m glad you are holding up your end and look forward to the many accomplishments that you will create and be apart of. Best of luck in 2013 to both you and your family. Keep up the honest and sincere fight!!!!

  • michelle

    He is a washed up has been late night show host. He will be cancelled soon. He is unhappy with his own life so he makes fun of people. Your a wonderful mom. We all have our crosses to bare. Take pride in the woman you have become.

  • Tiffany

    I remember when he told that joke, I thought it was horrible. He’s so disrespectful.
    I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself, standing up for your family, and defending your sister’s name. I’m so glad the book was a bestseller!

  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    I personally loved your book, Bristol. And I think it’s pathetic for a grown man to bash a teenager (pre-teen!) it’s so disrespectful.

  • http://us4palin.com/ Ron Devito

    I haven’t posted on your blog page in a long time. I hope you’re well. Letterman is a misogynist to the core. Staying far away from him and his show is one of your better decisions. Keep up the good fight and keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Jason

    David Letterman isn’t funny, he never has been funny, and he never will be funny. He’s a hack who thinks his show is more important than anything else. Case in point: In 2008 when congress was brought into an emergency session and both John McCain and Barack Obama rushed back to Washington from their campaign trails, Letterman was enraged that John McCain suddenly cancelled his appearance on his show that very night so he could go do his job in Washington, a job that he was elected to do and was still expected to do, even if he was running for president. Sorry, Mr. Letterman – the country takes precedence over your lousy show.

  • Jason

    David Letterman is actually a sad excuse for an American. Come to think of it, most celebrities are. I haven’t watched Letterman since I graduated high school in 1999. His show is disgraceful, his comedy is mediocre at best, and what’s worse is he is an absolute PIG when some female celebrities are on there. I once saw him kiss Julia Roberts on his show and continually ask for another kiss. He’s a pig. Bristol, you made the right call by not going on his worthless excuse for a television program.