A Meaningful Decal on Dad’s Machine

Photo Credit: Birch Leaf Photography

Check out the above photo of  the decal on Dad’s snow machine from the Iron Dog 2013.  He donated his winnings to the the Chris Kyle Memorial Fund.

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  • http://www.msfight.org Ian

    That’s a great sticker, do you know where your father got it, or did he have it made just for his sled?

  • Thomas

    Great move Todd!

  • melory

    That is why I love the Palin family. They mean what they say – and they walk the walk – tears in my eyes, we will never forget Kyle and those like him who fought and are still fighting for our freedom and safety.

  • Joseph

    That’s great!

  • Kevin

    Bristol, you and your family are great Americans. Thanks for being just yourselves.