High School Senior Defeats Humanists Trying to Take “Under God” Out of Pledge

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The American Humanist Association wanted a New Jersey school system to leave out the words “one nation under God” when they said the Pledge of Allegiance. One high school senior stood in their way. [Read more...]

Ten-Year-Old Girl Gives Thank You Notes to Her Heroes – Police Officers


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This little girl has a pretty big heart.

[Read more...]

Mother Threatened with Child Abuse Charges for Showing Her Kids a Pro-Life Film

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Wow. I can’t believe this! [Read more...]

What Can Make 5 Kids on a Playground Stand Still?

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Once you bring a kid to a playground, just try and keep them still. There’s so much to explore, so many fun things to do, they have to race around til they’ve seen every inch of that playground! That’s why this video was so surprising to me. [Read more...]

She Looked Like A Normal 90-Year-Old, Then The Music Started!


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Check out how Jean Veloz celebrated her 90th birthday! [Read more...]