Woman gets body shamed by “tolerant” liberal – and has the perfect come back

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Brynne Huffman, a beautiful woman from Texas, was dropping off a package at her local UPS store when another woman in line complemented her hair. That’s nice, right? But then things turned awkward when that same woman added, “You should probably rethink the shorts.” [Read more…]

Poverty-stricken teen offers to help carry man’s groceries, gets $300,000 in return

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Sixteen-year-old Chauncy Jones’s life has changed forever thanks to the simple act of one kind man in a Memphis grocery store. [Read more…]

Sarah Palin responds to Benghazi report: “Administration lies, soldiers die”

The House Benghazi Committee released its report on Tuesday confirming what we already knew: The Obama administration deceived the American people and failed to protect four Americans from dying. [Read more…]

Tim Tebow helps family in distress on flight by praying

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Prayer is so powerful.  What a great story! [Read more…]

Police officers do something amazing when nobody RSVP’d to a little boy’s birthday party

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.26.03 PMThis is a precious story and a much-needed reminder of the good that happens all across America. [Read more…]