9 Celebs who Aren’t Afraid to Support the 2nd Amendment

Even though Hollywood makes billions every year making movies with gun-wielding heroes, it’s big on gun control for everyone else. Thankfully, not every celebrity is that hypocritical and there are some very pro-gun actors, actresses, and musicians out there who are packing heat. Below are nine of the most outspoken about the Second Amendment. [Read more…]

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9 hilarious insults of Hillary’s acceptance speech

It was supposed to be historic. It was supposed to be epic. Really, it was just…. Well, I’ll let the best insults of the night tell the story. IJR had the “21 Top Burns of the Night.” Here are the best, plus the worst of all — on slide 10! [Read more…]

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Why this woman stopped a police officer will give you chills

In the midst of tragedy and unrest, it’s always good to find a ray of hope. [Read more…]

#BlackLivesMatter leader called Michael Jordan “rich and clueless” – for the weirdest reason ever!

Basketball master Michael Jordan is putting his money where his mouth is and taking a stand for police officers across America, but NO good deed goes unpunished with the #BlackLivesMatter crowd. [Read more…]

15 Celebs who Aren’t Afraid to Support Donald Trump for President

It’s election season and celebrities are emerging to give their support for their favorite presidential candidate. Not only can Donald Trump boast that he is the official Republican nominee, he can also boast to have wrestlers, rockers, boxers, actors, radio hosts, and duck call makers on his side. Below is the list of 15 celebrities who want Trump to “Make America Great Again.” [Read more…]

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