Railroad Worker Goes Above and Beyond in Response to Hurtful Comments

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How many times have you heard hurtful comments and done nothing about it? If you went to high school, the answer is probably more than one!

I love this story because someone actually took action on what he heard, and changed another person’s life and the attitude of his town in the process.  [Read more...]

You Don’t Need Arms for Hugging

J Cox hug

This heartwarming picture of an armless hug proves that you don’t even need limbs to give a good hug — just love.  [Read more...]

An Angelic Voice Sings “Prayer of the Children” – And She’s Only 12 Years Old!

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For all the children around the world who are hurting – this song is our prayer for them! [Read more...]

Little Boy With Congenital Heart Defect Becomes ‘Junior Police Chief’


This is a great story from Make-A-Wish in Hawaii. He makes such a cute little policeman! [Read more...]

Colorado Police Officer Sings to Toddler to Distract Her from the Crash That Killed her Father

Nick Struck

Nick Struck is a police officer in Brighton, Colorado, who showed himself a true hero. [Read more...]

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