Hollywood tells this actress — size 2 — she’s “too fat”

It’s no secret Hollywood is run by Democrats, so what is this “war on women” we’ve been hearing so much about? By creating the ‘war’ themselves, they are able to manage and ‘defeat’ it as often as they like — allowing liberals to latch onto a cause they know will throw no curve balls.  [Read more…]

Candace Cameron Bure brilliantly answers ‘what’s wrong with feminism?’

Let’s be real, we are all thrilled about the release of Fuller House on Netflix. But Candace Cameron Bure’s (a.k.a D.J.) response to a ‘Hillary Clinton-Feminism’ question in a Fox News interview may be a little more exciting. [Read more…]

House Cleaner Says She was Fired for Her Pro-Life Activism — Here’s What She’s Doing Next

Harmony Daws, a woman who cleaned houses for a living, was elected president of the Oregon Right to Life.  When she shared her news with her boss, she didn’t realize how that would affect her future. The Federalist reports more on her story: [Read more…]

Special Needs Student Gets Spot on UL Lafayette Cheer Squad


The University of Louisiana recently helped a beautiful , young cheerleader accomplish a life long goal. 
[Read more…]

He’s the Only Down Syndrome Restaurant Owner in the Country — and He’s Closing His Doors: Here’s Why


True love stories are hard to come by nowadays, but this one might just melt your heart. Tim Harris, a successful restaurant owner with Down Syndrome, is leaving his life, his restaurant, and his home behind — all for the love of his life. [Read more…]