My husband Dakota Meyer on the Medal of Honor: “I didn’t want it; it brings me no happiness”

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I’m so proud of my husband!  Listen to him on this radio podcast: [Read more…]

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Top 7 Lies on Gawker about the Palin Family: B-Bye!!

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Gawker. Just saying the word leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The way that website has treated me and spread lies about my family over the years is infuriating. But their tasteless ways have finally caught up with them as they’ve had to file for bankruptcy because of being sued in court. [Read more…]

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Dear PETA, here are 7 reasons parents SHOULD teach their kids to hunt


Hunting has always been a part of my life. It has helped form the person I am today. I am so thankful that my parents took me out into the wilderness and let me explore America the Beautiful. I would hope more and more children have the same experience. Here are 7 ways I think your family could grow stronger by hunting together.

Click CONTINUE to learn how going hunting can change your family for the good:

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Millions boycott Target – check out how much it’s REALLY costing the company

America doesn’t have to say much, but this shows how a lot of us feel: [Read more…]

World War II vet gets a heart-warming surprise when the Navy shows up in his yard

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Ernest Thompson didn’t expect the Navy to show up in his front yard, but that’s just what happened outside of his home in Gardena, California. And his heart-warming reaction was caught on video. [Read more…]

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