Look at How Google ‘Honored’ Memorial Day

At Google, they always have something called “Doodles” to celebrate everything.  Like, everything. They made this to celebrate the birthday of Martha Graham, who they described as the “Picasso of dance” moves: [Read more…]

‘Wonder Woman’ Might be Banned in Lebanon for THIS Dumb Reason

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 6.41.22 PM

Well, this is dumb.  According to Truth Revolt, Lebanon is trying to make sure none of its people see the upcoming Wonder Woman film.  Why? [Read more…]

GRAPHIC: Kathy Griffin Posed with Bloody ‘Severed Head’ of President Trump

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This is disgusting!!!

Kathy Griffin posed with the severed head of President Donald Trump in a bloody photo shoot for artist and photographer Tyler Shields this week.

In one image, obtained by TMZ, the 56-year-old My Life on the D-List comedian looks directly into the camera while hoisting up Trump’s severed head, which is covered in dark red blood.

Look at this!!

Imagine if that had been Obama’s head? Even Chelsea Clinton condemned this:

It’s time for Griffin to step away from the camera and maybe take a step toward her therapist’s office.

Image Credit: WikiMedia

CNN: Liberals are Self-Righteous and Think They are Morally Superior


Wow.  This CNN commentator had a wonderful speech about how intolerant the Left is these days!  He said: [Read more…]

Atlee’s First Facebook Live with Her Daddy