Two U.S. Children Are in Prison in Sudan – What Will the President Do?


I recently wrote about a pregnant woman in Sudan scheduled to be killed because of her Christian faith. The Sudanese authorities gave Meriam Ibrahim a chance to escape death.  All she had to do was convert to Islam.  Showing amazing courage, she wouldn’t. [Read more...]

So Help Us, God

I like how the New York Daily News greets the president this morning.  (hat tip: Jim Geraghty)

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Instead of Helping, Witnesses Film Crash Victims As they Burned to Death

What is this world coming to? [Read more...]

Mister President, You Don’t Even Know What “Honorable Service” Looks Like

I’ve been so angry about what the President did, I could barely talk about it (especially when he won’t do a thing for this American citizen). But here’s mom’s awesome take.

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Awesome High School Valedictorian Swaps Speech For Prayer!

It takes so much guts for this kid to stand for truth! [Read more...]