After campus cop shoots knife-wielding high schooler, there’s a backlash against the officer?!

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When you look through the news these days, it’s like every story stems from people NOT HAVING RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY!!!!

Here’s the most recent example: [Read more…]

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Festive siblings’ choreographed Christmas dance goes viral

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Here’s a feel good story for the day.  This is adorable!! [Read more…]

Ohio continues protecting babies with passage of “heartbeat bill”

Ohio is leading the pack in protecting the rights of the unborn as the state legislature just approved what’s known as the “heartbeat bill” — one of the nation’s toughest laws to stop abortionists in their tracks. [Read more…]

Kathy Griffin has no respect for her fellow women OR her country

Would it hurt some people to have a little respect for others these days? [Read more…]

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Stop what you’re doing and watch this! Admiral slams national anthem protests on Pearl Harbor anniversary

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Finally! The last argument ever needed against these stupid NFL protests of the national anthem. [Read more…]

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