The Giver Book Club – Chapters 6 through 8: Chosen, Not Assigned

Giver 6-8

Welcome to my first ever book club!  We’re reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry together, in preparation for the August 15th movie based on the book! [Read more...]

Women With Down Syndrome Respond to God’s Call


Kathy Schiffer, over on her Patheos blog called Seasons of Faith, has a sweet article about women with Down Syndrome who have committed themselves to God in a French contemplative order called, “Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb.” [Read more...]

Gay Blogger Speaks Out Against Outrage Over Tony Dungy Remarks


I’ve appreciated the comments and feedback from my Tony Dungy article earlier this week. [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim and Her American Family Free in Italy!


Wonderful news!! [Read more...]

Giver-ize Yourself

Have you seen the cool movie posters for The Giver?  I love how everything is black and white, except for a strand of color over the characters’ eyes.  (My book club members will get what this is referring to!) [Read more...]