The President Makes History

… But not in a good way. [Read more...]

Just a Change in Scenery

I haven’t written about the tragedy in Boston, mainly because words just fail to express. [Read more...]

3 Photos: Dancing Skies

Last week, much of the country got to see what we in Alaska get so often: the aurora borealis. [Read more...]

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Happy Birthday, Trig!!

Five years ago today, God sent our family an angel! [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Admits How Pro-Abortion They Are

I have to be honest, this makes me a little sick to my stomach. [Read more...]

Join My Family in Arizona This Weekend As My Sister Graduates!

Willow is graduating from cosmetology school! [Read more...]

Fantastic Alaskan Sled Dogs: 3 Photos

There probably is no sport more “Alaska” than sled dog racing.  [Read more...]

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Mom Is…

… Speaking tonight at the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network’s Award Gala and dinner. [Read more...]

Easter at the Palin House: 5 Photos

We may not have daffodils and tulips blooming, but we had a warm Easter in Alaska! [Read more...]

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Two Lies

It’s so hard to talk about sex and virginity in a real way, and this woman keeps it real. [Read more...]

Fun at the Cabin: 5 Palin Family Photos

There’s nothing more fun than hanging out with my family at the cabin. [Read more...]

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Easter with Tripp

Holidays are so much more fun with Tripp!   [Read more...]

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Why I Won’t Be Seeing Any Jim Carrey Movies Anytime Soon

So, did you see Jim Carrey’s mean-spirited YouTube clip called “Cold, Dead Hand?” [Read more...]

What I Wish I Knew


When I found out Mom was pregnant with a baby who would have Down syndrome, I confess.  I was scared. [Read more...]

Room to Breathe: Three Alaska Photos

Living in Alaska is so different than other parts of our great nation. [Read more...]

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My Little Turtle!!

I miss him being a baby!! [Read more...]


A political pundit criticized my mom recently by saying, “Sarah Palin is a good speaker and all that… but, I’m not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.” [Read more...]

Mom at CPAC Makes Liberals Go “Gulp!”

Guns.  America.  A “big gulp.”  Pure Mom. [Read more...]

Special Clothes for Special People

Sometimes it’s hard to find clothing to fit people who have Down syndrome. [Read more...]

Obama Ignores American Citizen Jailed in Iran: #SaveSaeed

My mom and I have drawn attention to Pastor Saeed’s case before. [Read more...]