Atheists Unveil Santa-Themed Christmas Billboard Encouraging People to “Skip Church”

Grinches have reared their ugly heads again this Christmas season, and this time they are employing Santa Claus to spread their holiday gloom! [Read more...]

Eleven selfish excuses women give to justify ending their pregnancies (TN Woman tries to abort baby with hanger)

Anna Yocca (Image via Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office)

Anna Yocca (Image via Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office)

I saw this in the news, which makes me so sad and even sick to my stomach: [Read more...]

Starbucks’ new polar bear cookie is now freaking people out (proving they can’t do anything right this Christmas)!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.51.46 PM

Ha!  I saw this on the internet — assuming it’s a joke. [Read more...]

Happy early birthday to the love of my life!

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Over 100 MILLION Guns Sold in US Since Obama Became President

What happens when we have a President who refuses to name our enemies or take the very valid fears of Americans seriously, who would rather lecture the American people and defend his failed foreign policy than actually adapt and put forward a real strategy to defeat the radical Islamic terrorists who want to kill us all?

The American people do what the American people always have: take matters into our own hands! [Read more...]