Surrogate Mother Saves Child With Down Syndrome

delaney1-620x345The Blaze has this fascinating story:

Andrea Ott-Dahl of San Fransisco agreed to be the surrogate mother for two of her friends, a lesbian couple, who were having trouble getting pregnant through artificial insemination. But just two months into the pregnancy, in Jaunary 2013, doctors informed Ott-Dahl and her wife, Keston Ott-Dahl, as well as the couple seeking to have a child, that the baby girl, whom they had already given the name Delaney, was going to have Down syndrome.

“When the doctor came in, the four of us, I would say we were in shock,” Keston, 50, told ABC News. “We were devastated. Andrea was catatonic. The doctors made it seem like Delaney was going to be blind [and] have autism. They said the fluid build-up on the back of her neck, it would either kill her or there would be a severe deformity that would look like another head. They told us she had a 5 percent chance of surviving up until birth.”

Andrea, 34, told ABC that she had agreed to donate her own eggs for the pregnancy, making her Delaney’s biological mother.

“Our hearts went out to these women because we knew the joys of having a family,” Andrea said, who has five children. “Finally, we got pregnant and everyone was happy, but at the 12-week ultrasound, the doctor noticed the buildup of fluid behind the baby’s neck. He told us this would be Down syndrome, or worse.”

Keston told ABC that after hearing the diagnosis, Delaney’s intended mothers told Andrea they didn’t want to move forward with the pregnancy.

“They successfully scared those two intended moms into wanting to terminate,” Keston said.

But the Ott-Dahls, who had already bonded with the unborn child, decided that abortion was not an option. On Jan. 20, 2013, they informed Delaney’s intended mothers that they were going to keep the child and raise her as their own.

I love love this story and praise this family for choosing LIFE!! Even in a difficult circumstance, they choose life!

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