‘The Giver’ Had A Baby On Set With A Cheetah – Yikes!

Did you see Maleficent?  You saw Brenton Thwaites alongside Angelina Jolie — now he’s starring in The Giver with Meryl Streep! [Read more…]

See The Giver 4 Days Before Everyone Else in Your Own Red Carpet Experience!


Well, this is fun!  [Read more…]

What Does Lois Lowry Say about “The Giver” Film?

Omigosh, I’m having so much fun going through this book with you guys!  The actual discussion will start on Monday. [Read more…]

The Search for Truth – Find Freedom

Hey guys — thought you might want to see the new poster for The Giver!

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Look at Your Smiling Faces! #TheGiver Photos

Hey Guys!  I’m so happy to get to know some of you book clubbers! [Read more…]