See How Selena Gomez Refused to be Fat Shamed! Love This!

Last spring Selena Gomez stepped out in a bikini while on vacation, and the Internet trolls came out in full force to criticize her for her weight.  But the petit actress is not going to let the haters win the day! [Read more…]

Lena Dunham Lies about Rape, Still Pretends to be a “Women’s Advocate”

This is why no one wants to be called a feminist anymore.  Last week, Lena Dunham and Jane Fonda gave Judd Apatow an award for his advocacy for women.  (By speaking out. On Twitter.) [Read more…]

“The Federalist” Helps Make My Point about Giving 10 Year Olds IUDs


Thank you for pushing my point:

After Bristol Palin criticized a public school program that provides free birth control to children without parental consent, many have taken the opportunity to attack her personal life in an attempt to silence her.

Some of the headlines from around the web show the media isn’t interested in engaging with Palin’s remarks and lodging informed arguments against them, but are intent on shutting her up.

SalonJust Shut Up, Bristol Palin: You Are The Last Person Who Should Talk About Birth Control

JezebelFormer Teen Mom Bristol Palin Is Very Upset That Washington Teens Can Get IUDs

WonketteBristol Palin Outraged Other Girls Won’t Get Knocked Up In High School Like She Did

Addicting InfoJealous Bristol Palin Whines That 10-Year-Old Girls Are More Responsible Than She Is

The reaction to Palin’s remarks shows that many publications, especially those which tout themselves as progressive or open-minded, aren’t all that accepting of other perspectives. When it comes to sex, having an opinion that varies at all from the talking points of pro-abortion feminists will get stamped out by the media. If we really want a debate on the merits of schools providing contraceptives to children, perhaps we ought to let the parents of those children have a say.


Look at the facts. Who knows what’s best for their kids? The government, or parents?


Thanks, Federalist, for being more even handed than the other publications.

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Kelsey Grammer Shows His Support for Pro-Life Movement in Instagram Post

How awesome is this?  Kelsey Grammer is taking a stand for life! In an Instagram post, Kayte Grammer, Kelsey’s wife, posted a picture of the Frasier star wearing a t-shirt from pro-life website

While the picture trends on social media, liberal news outlets are in a tizzy as they try to wrap their head around the fact that a Hollywood A-lister might not think that the murder of innocent unborn children is ok.  Huffington Post’s headline mentioned Grammer’s “Bizarre Pro-Choice Shirt.” [Read more…]

I Won’t Shut Up – I’m a Parent and a Big Sister: I Can Talk about IUDs if I Want to!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.39.57 AM

Everyone’s telling me to shut up about commenting on the issue in Washington State… (Click HERE for the background.) Do they not realize what is going on? [Read more…]