Family Wakes Up to See Black Bear in Hot Tub


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ESPN Hosts Laugh Hysterically When Rapist Mike Tyson Jokes about Sarah Palin being Raped


Hey ESPN, double standards much? [Read more…]

Watch Trump Dismiss a Stupid “Gotcha” Question about the Bible

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Aren’t you sick of reporters trying to “catch” GOP candidates doing or saying something stupid?
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He was Almost a Planned Parenthood Victim! His Mother Chose Life!

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Recently Federalist writer, Peter Cook, was handed a note by his mother, which told him that she thought about aborting him when she got pregnant as a young woman.  In his article “I could have been one of Planned Parenthood’s Victims,” Peter tells his story and tells us that “murder is not a solution, but courage is.” [Read more…]

Thousands Stand for Life at Planned Parenthood Protests This Weekend

This weekend thousands of brave Americans showed up at over 300 Planned Parenthood clinics all across the country to stand up for life!  Organizers are saying this was the largest pro-life protest in history! [Read more…]