Awww.. after he hit it big, Chris Hemsworth did this amazingly sweet thing for his parents

This is precious!  Fox News reports: [Read more…]

What I was sent for Valentine’s Day

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Best sister! [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Sarah Palin: thanks for loving my kids like your own

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Recently, my mom celebrated her birthday.  Happy birthday, mom!! Thanks for loving my kids like your own! [Read more…]

Media goes NUTS after Trump wins New Hampshire: check out these headlines!


Wow.  The fact that Donald Trump drives the Huffington Post absolutely crazy is one of the reasons I’m happy he’s doing so well.

Call this media-insanity a benefit, not a detriment.  Check this out: [Read more…]

Carly Fiorina ends campaign, but don’t forget this awesome moment from her run.

I sort of hate to hear that Carly Fiorina is suspending her campaign: [Read more…]