From Hardee’s to the U.S. Senate Chamber: Great Women Never Forget their Roots

Joni Ernst Sarah Palin

Great women never forget their roots. [Read more...]

You’re really nice, Siri.

Gus and Siri

(picture by Louie Chin)

Lots of people talk about how technology isolates us from each other, but there’s another heartwarming side to the story. [Read more...]

What Party Affiliation is the First Black Senator Elected in South Since Reconstruction?


You guessed it. [Read more...]

Sadie Robertson Brings the Bible to Dancing with the Stars

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.58.02 PM

Sadie Robertson is really trying to live her faith well, while she’s on the show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Recently, she tried to dance the normally-sexy rumba without being too provocative.  This week, she tried to bring the Bible to the stage. [Read more...]

Lena Dunham is the Type of Person the Left Celebrates [Warning: Adults ONLY]



This is all you need to know about the Left.  They love their hipster poster girl, Lena Dunham.  (You know, the one who begged young people to vote for Obama, and compared voting to having sex with him?)
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