Miss USA Says Health Care Is a Privilege, Not a Right – Says She’s NOT a Feminist!

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Congratulations to the recently crowned Miss USA!  According to Yahoo! News, she had some tough questions and handled them perfectly:  [Read more…]

A one-week update about our newest addition!

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My littlest baby is a week old today! [Read more…]

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Lena Dunham’s Weird Diet Tips for Feminists


Lena Dunham was not happy when she saw that Us Weekly had used a photo of her on their cover, under the headline “Slim Down Diet Tips that Stars are Using.” Why? Because she apparently doesn’t believe that losing weight is necessarily good or bad.  Women should be any size they want to be, and men need to deal with it.  (Lena seems to have an almost pathological need to be naked on camera.) [Read more…]

92-Year-Old Grandma Finally Stops Sending $20 a Week to 12 Grandkids in College


Oh my gosh, this is so sweet!!  A 92-year-old grandmother named Mary LaCava had her 12th grandchild graduate from college last week.  While this is a milestone for anyone, it’s also particularly poignant because Mary had been sending her grandkids $20 every week, along with a handwritten note. [Read more…]

School Cancels Mother’s Day Crafts because They Want to Honor Non-Traditional Families


Parents of children who attend Albert McMahon Elementary School in Mission, British Columbia received a letter this week explaining why their children will not be participating in any Mother’s Day-related crafts or activities this year. [Read more…]