Charles Barkley Infuriates Liberals after Speaking about Ferguson, “Real Black People” and More


Charles Barkley never fails to make headlines. [Read more...]

Thirty-four Kids and Counting?

Briggs enjoying the craziness

Some people think the Palin family is big, but we’ve got nothing on these guys! [Read more...]

Cosmo Used Shirtless Models to Get Women to Vote

Cosmo votes

Nice try, Cosmo.

Cosmopolitan magazine had a brilliant idea this election — invite college girls to a party bus with some hot guys, drive them to the polls, and they’ll vote liberal!

Anyone else think that’s a little insulting? [Read more...]

Obama Doesn’t Like Stay-at-Home Moms


Did you hear what he said? [Read more...]

Who Wants a Free Trip Around the World with This Guy?!

This cracks me up!!!! [Read more...]