Son Serves Mom With Ticket for Being on the Phone


Now that we all have the world at our fingertips with our smartphones and laptops, it is really easy to live our lives glued to our screens, instead of investing in the lives of those around us- especially our children.

One son had a clever way to remind his mom about what is most important! [Read more...]

Read what an L.A. Businessman Bought for 400 American Soldiers During Airport Layover! Awesome!

As we gathered around our table for Thanksgiving this past week, my family thanked God for the brave men and women in our military who risk everything to make sure that we are safe and free.

One businessman in L.A. lived out this thankfulness when he came upon a group of 400 soldiers during an airport layover during the holiday weekend. [Read more...]

Two Unintentionally Hilarious HuffPo Headlines

It must be hard to be a liberal.  They’re always having to promote evil things by pretending they’re, well, not. [Read more...]

It’s So Sad that EVEN MORE MURDERS Happened at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs

It’s so sad to see another tragedy unfolding, this time in Colorado Springs. [Read more...]

I Can’t Believe I Agree with Richard Dawkins, But His Tweets on Clock Boy Were Right On

Richard Dawkins’ tweets about the Clock Boy couldn’t be more spot-on: [Read more...]