Hillary Clinton’s campaign had 16 email exchanges before replying to ONE Marco Rubio tweet

I can’t stop laughing. [Read more…]

Top democrat dodges hard questions on corruption: I feel like a persecuted Christian

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 8.23.57 PM
After Wednesday evening’s presidential debate, Fox News’ Megan Kelly confronted interim DNC chair Donna Brazile about the recent Wikileaks revelations that she fed Hillary Clinton a question prior to a CNN town hall. Kelly’s questioning was relentless and it was fun watching Brazile squirm! [Read more…]

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Amy Schumer mocks Trump supporting fans, has them removed from crowd, offers fake apology

I get so tired of the hypocrisy on the Left. [Read more…]

Adele’s Romantic Boyfriend Surprises Her With Love-Note Confetti at Concert

How sweet is this? [Read more…]

How Hillary, the most robotic candidate ever, had to be prompted by staff to “smile”

Must.  Get.  Elected.  Must.  Say.  Anything.  To.  Get.  Elected. [Read more…]