Man Survives 12 Days Lost at Sea to Reunite with His Son

It took a crisis to bring them back together, but father and son Ron and Zakary Ingraham will be reunited after not speaking for 20 years. [Read more...]

What You’ve Been Waiting For: Gender-Neutral Underwear

gender neutral

So glad someone finally thought of this…

Not really. [Read more...]

My Kind of Man: The “Lumbersexual”


Will somebody please find me one of these?? [Read more...]

“Black and Brown” Kids Shouldn’t Be Suspended?

Black-and-Latino-Students This is classic: A school is trying to get rid of racism… by being racist. [Read more...]

Look What My Mom Got! (Everything’s Bigger in Texas)


So my mom literally jumps off a snowmachine while we’re all in the new powder in our backyard the other night, she hops on a flight to Texas for season 2 of her Sportsman Channel show, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin.”   [Read more...]

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