Dakota Meyer: Why are we ok with not being better human beings?

Guest Post by Dakota Meyer:

I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing my country divided and fighting itself. It has been tricked by the media and by this administration thinking that the enemy is us. Hitler used the common enemy approach prior to World War II to unite a splintered and struggling Germany. We used the common enemy of communism to unite our country for the 40 or so years that followed the end of that war. Then the wall came down and we lacked a true common enemy until September 11, 2001.

But then that faded and America was in a lull of sorts lacking unity. Then 8 years ago “Change” was brought to the White House and over the past 8 years I have seen that change. The media and the Obama administration have worked tirelessly and we are just about there now. We are not a nation as much as we have become groups of people fighting amongst one another because the enemy is us. [Read more…]

Read the last tweet of an officer killed in Dallas

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The final tweet of slain Dallas officer Patrick Zamarripa reveals a true American patriot.

Rep. Gowdy and Rep. Chaffetz are onto Hillary’s LIES – Watch them in action

Please watch the videos below and see for yourself on how this woman does business.  [Read more…]

Why should the rest of us have to follow laws if Hillary doesn’t?


I wanted to share with you what my husband dakotameyer0317 wrote on Instagram about Hillary Clinton: [Read more…]

Why I’m glad this man was arrested for posting Facebook photos of him burning American flag

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So this happened: [Read more…]