Veteran Murdered After a Kid Makes Up a Lie about Him… No One Seems to Care

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This Thanksgiving – I’m thankful for my son… who’s six going on sixteen. I’m thankful he knows right from wrong. I’m thankful he works hard in school and in sports; and knows to respect his teacher, his parents, coaches, and any other adults in his life. I’m thankful he doesn’t have a sense of entitlement, that he doesn’t blame others when he’s in the wrong. I’m thankful he’s colorblind, and treats everyone the same. [Read more...]

Clock Boy Sues City and School for $15 Million

Here’s more about Mohamed and his damn clock… and you won’t believe it. [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’m thankful for my babies! [Read more...]

See How This Couple Announced They Were Pregnant – The Look on the Grandfather’s Face is Priceless!

Screenshot of the moment he realized what was happening: YouTube

Screenshot of the moment he realized what was happening: YouTube

There are a lot of fun ways that people have announced they were going to have a baby. [Read more...]

Adele Thanked Sarah Palin for Her Success – Read How Mom Replied!

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It all started on the campaign trail…

If it wasn’t for a change in Sarah Palin’s schedule, she would have been on Saturday Night Live a week after then-little-known singer Adele Adkins. It turns out, they ended up on the same show — one of the most-watched episodes in the show’s history.

Now Adele is thanking Palin for her rise to fame! [Read more...]