Chelsea Handler just said something cruel about the new Trump baby on the way

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From Instagram

Liberal comedienne Chelsea Handler just can’t leave well enough alone. She constantly spews hatred at President Trump and the first lady, and now she broke the cardinal rule of not criticizing the young children of political families. [Read more…]

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Philadelphia bar won’t serve man wearing a Trump hat, but the man is making sure they regret it

The next time you hear liberals say that they believe businesses should be forced to serve all people, no matter what…  remember this story of incredible intolerance.  A man and his friends went into a Philly bar to get a drink.  One of the men was wearing a Make America Great Again hat, which drew the attention of the servers. The first server did give them their drinks.  But when they ordered another round, the second server gave them a lecture instead. According to the New York Post: [Read more…]

I posted this pic of me and my sisters, but the hashtags are getting all the attention

Ha! You guys know I love my family, especially my sisters. [Read more…]

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About those stories about someone hacking my phone…

There have been a few headlines about how someone “hacked” my phone. [Read more…]

What Dakota Meyer Does with his Medal of Honor

Everyone knows I’m so proud of my husband Dakota for his brave military service. (And so is his country – he received the Medal of Honor!)  When he’s interviewed, reporters usually ask him where he keeps the medal. [Read more…]