Kelsey Grammer Shows His Support for Pro-Life Movement in Instagram Post

How awesome is this?  Kelsey Grammer is taking a stand for life! In an Instagram post, Kayte Grammer, Kelsey’s wife, posted a picture of the Frasier star wearing a t-shirt from pro-life website

While the picture trends on social media, liberal news outlets are in a tizzy as they try to wrap their head around the fact that a Hollywood A-lister might not think that the murder of innocent unborn children is ok.  Huffington Post’s headline mentioned Grammer’s “Bizarre Pro-Choice Shirt.” [Read more...]

I Won’t Shut Up – I’m a Parent and a Big Sister: I Can Talk about IUDs if I Want to!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.39.57 AM

Everyone’s telling me to shut up about commenting on the issue in Washington State… (Click HERE for the background.) Do they not realize what is going on? [Read more...]

What Happened When A Woman Told Me “Bristol Palin is an Idiot” – Not Realizing I Was Bristol Palin


This morning I was my reading daily “encouraging word” from K-Love and it really hit home to me..  [Read more...]

12 Christians Crucified by ISIS, Including 12-Year-Old Boy

The latest reports out of Syria are horrifying.  Please read what is happening and SHARE the stories of these martyrs. [Read more...]

The 2nd Amendment is in Danger of Being Repealed! Read Why.

One of our most fundamental rights as American citizens is the right to bare arms and protect ourselves and our families.  All across our great nation, millions of Americans support and exercise this right. [Read more...]