New Jersey Man Hasn’t Seen His Son in 6 Years. Why? He Used to Own Guns.

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Ever read one of those books about “100 strange but true laws”? I think New Jersey’s laws about owning guns should go at the top of that list. [Read more...]

Photos of the Duck Dynasty Family Visiting Wasilla


The Duck Dynasty guys have been in the news lately: [Read more...]

VIDEO: Watch an Eloquent and Humble Baker Explain Why He’s Fighting a Colorado Ruling Forcing Him to Bake Same Sex Wedding Cakes

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There are some things that baker Jack Phillips just won’t do.  For example, he won’t make Halloween cakes or erotic cakes.  [Read more...]

Digital Journal Quietly Fixes Its “Photo Problem”

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After I pointed out that the hard hitting political pundits over at Digital Journal couldn’t even tell the difference between my mom and the actress that played my mom on TV, they switched out the photo…

without a word of explanation or apology in the original piece. [Read more...]

Will She? Won’t She? Sarah Palin Explains Her Comment about Being Interested in the Presidency


Mom appeared on Sean Hannity’s show recently to explain what she meant when she said she was interested in running for President. [Read more...]