Police officers do something amazing when nobody RSVP’d to a little boy’s birthday party

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.26.03 PMThis is a precious story and a much-needed reminder of the good that happens all across America. [Read more…]

Orlando Terror Attack Twisted Into Attack On Lawful Gun Owners

As if recent tragic events weren’t difficult enough to process, these events have become a political platform to, again, attack the right to own a gun.  I find it sad that another national tragedy has immediately been spun into something for political leverage. This was a disturbed individual, a terrorist, a Muslim extremist, who took the lives of those innocent people and injured and devastated countless others. This man intended to do harm and happened to choose a gun as the tool. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Watch the Best Father’s Day Video of the Year

This is so precious!

Love doesn’t count chromosomes!

6 PHOTOS: Exclusive Look Into Our World With Trig

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There is something so special about children with Down Syndrome. I love what this photographer says about these angels!

I could go on and on, about how fun it is to be Trig’s older sister, or give you stories everyday about how much of a blast it is having him in our family (and I know everyone around our family would agree). He is constantly reminding us of what is important, and keeping us grounded on what truly matters. Our lives have been so enriched by my little brother and I wish more people had the opportunity to see the light these kids bring, especially in our world today.

See an exclusive look in our world with Trig here:

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My thoughts on life after the horrific Orlando shootings

ShootingsIn light of the two recent events in Florida, with the shooting at the nightclub and the murder of Christina Grimmie, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the greater scope of life and how precious it is.  With the recent birth of our daughter, and starting a new chapter with Dakota; I am now, more than ever, seeing that each moment in life is a blessing.  [Read more…]