Happy Birthday to Tripp Easton Yesterday!

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A Note from my Mom, Sarah Palin, on Sailor Grace’s Birth


A sweet note from my mom…

Oh, perfect love! The best gift ever! [Read more…]

TWO PHOTOS: Sailor Grace Arrived, and My Heart Just Doubled

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My sweet Sailor Grace was born yesterday, our family couldn’t be more complete.  Here’s a photo of her big brother meeting her: [Read more…]

COUNTDOWN: Top Ten Posts of the Year

This year has been a big one for me — thank you for sticking with me through it all!  Here are the top ten posts from 2015! [Read more…]

County Closes Schools Over Response To Lesson On Islam

Imagine for a moment if public school students had to write John 3:16 for an assignment. Or what if they wrote the Ten Commandments in a language they didn’t understand with no translation about what it meant.

I think the ACLU and other liberals would lose their minds. So where are these groups now with the latest reports out of Virginia concerning students being made to write a Muslim Statement of Faith with no translation or understanding of what it means.

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