Patriots Show Up for #HobbyLobbyLove Day

LIBERTY!  That’s the word I keep reading in all of the e-mails I’ve been getting.   [Read more...]

Tailgating for Freedom in Hobby Lobby Parking Lot in Franklin, TN!

Do you need another reason to love Tennessee, other than the fact that it voted against Al Gore in the 2000 election and saved the nation from his presidency? [Read more...]

#HobbyLobbyLove – Let Freedom Ch-Ching!

We’re so proud of the owners of Hobby Lobby who took a stand against the overreaching federal government that they stood their ground…  all the way to the Supreme Court! [Read more...]

Look What’s Happening Tomorrow for #HobbyLobbyLove Day!

I got this from my Tennessee readers! [Read more...]

“The Giver” — Trailer!

Did you hear about the new movie The Giver? [Read more...]