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Autistic girl holds up ‘It’s my dream to sing with Adele’ at concert – see what Adele did next!


Twelve-year-old Emily Tammam had a dream – to sing on stage with her favorite singer, Adele.  But bigger than that, Emily had a dream to show children with disabilities that their limitations do not define them. [Read more…]

Be transformed on World Down Syndrome Day – here’s how

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st, when we celebrate those who have an extra 21st chromosome). Micha Boyett shared this quote, which I thought was worth passing along: [Read more…]

This PSA Starring Olivia Wilde Has Started Great Discussions about Down Syndrome

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I love this video, which is captioned: [Read more…]

Two Birthday Pictures — Piper, from a baby until now!

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15 years ago our family welcomed the most precious gift in the world!!!! [Read more…]