Mom Gives Vladimir Putin Vodka?

Okay, so maybe it was Jimmy Fallon, but this is a great skit! [Read more...]

Candace Cameron-Bure’s Costume Choices Called “Worse than Bristol Palin” – Nice!

As I’ve written before, Candice Cameron-Bure is trying to get through Dancing with the Stars with her dignity and modesty in tact. [Read more...]

Nashville Gym Goers Save Anorexic Woman’s Life

Lauryn Lax lived in the Nashville area and went to the same gym in Green Hills every day for hours. [Read more...]

Life: Choose It

As I’ve mentioned, I love reading my Bible, especially if some verses really jump out at me. [Read more...]

Candace Cameron Bure Plans to Wear Modest Costumes on Dancing With the Stars, Wants to Be “a Good Role Model”

I had so much fun seeing the debut of Dancing with the Stars this season! [Read more...]