11 A-list artists that refused to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration

If Donald Trump were still just a regular old billionaire and threw a party at Trump Tower in New York City, celebrities would be lined up out the door, and the most famous artists would be pining for a chance to perform. But because he will be inaugurated as the next Republican president in January, these same mega-celebrities, who would normally drool over an invitation to sing for the president, want no part of it. [Read more…]

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Taylor Swift visits 96-year-old WW2 veteran/superfan

How precious is Taylor Swift? [Read more…]

Girl With Autism’s Christmas Rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ Goes Viral for Good Reason

The little girl below, named Kaylee, has autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.   [Read more…]

Salon mourns 2016 as terrible for women but GREAT for abortion

The leftist outlet Salon has published a sick and twisted year-end review of 2016 which on the one hand mourns the “terrible year for women” and on the other, praises “TV’s 10 best abortion moments.” Is this the Twilight Zone? [Read more…]

Mother, 45, discovered her unborn twins had Down syndrome and really struggled with their diagnosis… then she met them

Julie McConnel already had four children when she found out she was pregnant – at age 45 — again.  She knew her age might cause her to have multiples or a child with Down syndrome.  She was shocked when both happened.

I like it that she is honest with her initial struggle with this diagnosis, and even considered putting them up for adoption.  She feared she and her husband wouldn’t be able to handle both children with special needs.  Then, they were born!

Now she’s telling everyone about her experience to hopefully change people’s minds about Down syndrome.

She said: ‘You can have expectations of how life is going to be, but it might not pan out the way you imagined.

‘Now that I have Charlie and Milo, I understand that and I have more compassion than I ever had before.

‘They’re not the result of a bad lifestyle choice I made, or a reflection of race or economics or where you live in the world and I hope that by sharing our story I can open people’s eyes a bit.

‘Everywhere we go, people love the boys because they’re special, but I know this won’t always be the case when they’re older and it hurts to think about.

‘I want people to see that there are people out there who are different, but it doesn’t make them any less valuable.

‘They’re just the way they’re supposed to be.’