Sadie Robertson Sticks to Her Christian Values While Performing the Rumba on ‘DWTS’ — and the Judges’ Reactions Bring Her to Tears

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I’m so proud of Sadie!  On Dancing with the Stars, she had to do the rumba — a super sexy dance that could get raunchy really fast.

She didn’t want it to be.  She even talked to her grandmother about the moves, and Mark Ballas made accommodations to make sure the dance would qualify as “rumba” but without all the raunch.

The resulting dance was beautiful and sweet…

And the judges rewarded them for doing an “age appropriate” dance.


Way to stick to your Christian values, Sadie!!

Watch her perform here:

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The Rise of Isis – New Book Tells What You Need to Know

ISIS Cover copy

Do you ever feel like there’s just so much stuff in the news to be worried about?

Sometimes, it’s all so hard to understand.  For example, why are there beheadings,  mass executions, and crucifixions all over the news?

The new wave of anti-Christian abuse has been called the “worst religious persecution since the Holocaust.”

If you’re like me, you had never heard of ISIS, before all of the beheadings.  But they are the richest and deadliest terrorists in history… and they have the money, power, people, and will to do exactly what they’d laid out.  Basically, they want to annihilate us.

Jay Sekulow, David French, Robert Ash, and Jordan Sekulow have a new book out called The Rise of Isis: A Threat We Can’t Ignore, and they say that we now face the greatest terrorist threat since 9/11.

The book lays out a “clear understanding of the rise of ISIS, their objectives, and the unlawful strategy used by terrorists. They also warn that if left undefeated we will witness genocide of historic proportions.  However, they also show, through first-hand stories of bravery and triumph, there is hope, even in the face of ongoing attacks.”

The book also urges us to be” informed, stay engaged, and actively pursue and destroy the enemy.”

It also says that “now is not the time to grow weary in the face of evil. Now is not the time to retreat. We must target and defeat terrorists. Innocent lives are at stake, and immense evil is on the march.”

This is a book that every American needs in this complicated world.  It’s clear, it’s simple, and it’s necessary to understand.  Plus, this book is already a New York Times best seller, probably because the American people are not buying what President Obama is saying about this critical threat.

Buy it now:

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