Guess what a Medal of Honor recipient (and my husband) — called Obama adviser Susan Rice?


The truth is a powerful weapon and it’s not something the Obama administration was very good at. That’s why I’m glad my husband, Dakota, set the record straight during and appearance on Fox & Friends over the weekend. [Read more…]

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Dakota’s Sweet Note about Sailor Grace and See His Way of Taking Family Walks

I love looking at Dakota’s Instagram! The above photo was captioned: [Read more…]

VIDEO: One month to go!

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I can’t wait to see her face!

Melania Trump gets more hate for yet another ridiculous reason

Official Portrait of First Lady

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First lady Melania Trump doesn’t have to do anything to be hated by the Left. She gets it just because she’s the wife of the most hated man in America: Donald Trump. She can’t even release her official portrait as first lady without being criticized for the dumbest things. [Read more…]

Texas student goes completely nuts when he sees a pro-life display


Seriously, what is wrong with people? [Read more…]