Katie Couric Sued by Second Amendment Patriots — for $12 million

Journalists are fair, impartial and unbiased reporters of nothing but the cold hard facts, right?  Ha!  Not in our country in 2016.

In fact, even America’s sweetheart and the news anchor who supposedly could do no wrong has been exposed for lying to and manipulating her audience in her latest documentary, “Under the Gun.” [Read more…]

My top 3 favorite moments from the Dancing with the Stars premiere

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Dancing with the Stars Season 23 premiered this week and in true Hollywood fashion, it opened with lots of sparkles and drama.

The biggest drama of the night by far came when protestors stormed the stage to shame Ryan Lochte.  Luckily, security stepped in and removed the protestors quickly, but the cast and judges were clearly shaken up after the attack.   I may not be the biggest Ryan Lochte fan after the incident in Rio, but I will admit it does take courage to compete on this show. I know from first hand experience it is a vulnerable place to be in. That being said – I kind of felt bad for him watching it unfold, but there has been plenty worse things to have happened on DWTS.  Just ask Shawn Johnson or me about that!  Hang in there, Ryan.

But besides the drama with Lochte, this week’s premiere shows that this year’s cast is exciting, energetic, and ready to dance!

Click CONTINUE to see my top three favorite moments of the premiere:

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College professor caught doing this to 9/11 remembrance posters

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I don’t want to live in a world where remembering the victims of 9/11 needs approval or offends someone. Unfortunately, we all live in that world. [Read more…]

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13 celebs who aren’t afraid to stand up for the unborn

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Hollywood is an unforgiving place if you don’t follow its liberal script. Most actors have memorized it and aren’t ashamed to play their part. But there are a select few who are willing to break from the script and hold a few opinions of their own. [Read more…]

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What these patriotic high school footballers did before their game puts Colin Kaepernick to shame

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I’ve been disgusted watching San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick disrespect America by refusing to stand to honor the flag during the pre-game national anthem. So, I REALLY needed to hear this next story to make me feel better about our nation’s future. [Read more…]