True to Form, Kaepernick Takes a Knee on Election Day

You remember Colin Kaepernick?  He is the NFL player who takes to his knees when the National Anthem is played.  He is the one who didn’t like either candidate, explaining that “It was embarrassing to watch that these are our two candidates. Both are proven liars and it almost seems like they’re trying to debate who’s less racist. And at this point…you have to pick the lesser of two evils. But in the end, it’s still evil.”

So, the guy who dedicated himself to change apparently didn’t even vote.

According to Breitbart:

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VIDEO – Trump: I will be the President of ALL Americans

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 7.18.15 AM

This is amazing! I am so thrilled that Donald Trump surprised all the pundits and the so-called experts and pulled off an upset. [Read more…]

4 Ways to Stop Arguing about Abortion and Start PREVENTING IT

I love this Federalist article which takes the abortion arguments off Twitter and into the real world where it can do some good.  In it, author Cara Valle explains how to actually prevent abortions, with four simple solutions.

1. Help Single Mothers

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Check out the unique weapon one brave Kurdish soldier used to save lives from ISIS

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and this one drove a BMW!

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Trump Blasts FBI: ‘You Can’t Review 650,000 New Emails in Eight Days’

Isn’t the FBI ridiculous? [Read more…]