Mom Gives Life to Save Baby Girl: Think of Her the Next Time You Hear an Abortion Excuse

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The next time you hear about a girl giving excuses for an abortion — “I can’t have a baby, I don’t want to get fat. I don’t want stretch marks. The guy who got me pregnant is a loser. I don’t have time for a baby. I need to focus on myself.” etc etc… — think of this story:

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Woman Delivers Baby, Throws in Dumpster to Die: Abortion Activists Defend Her – Of Course

Woman in poverty

A woman aborted her own baby, delivered it alive, and threw it — possibly crying — in a dumpster.  Now, she’s receiving the justice she deserves.  Of course, not everyone is happy about this.  Indiana West reports:

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Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Re-Opens as a Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

Hope-Pregnancy-compressed Yes!  I love the latest news out of Texas.  A former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic has just been re-opened as a Crisis Pregnancy Center! [Read more…]

How the Main-Stream Media Accidentally Made Pro-Life Arguments

China announced this week that they are changing their one-child policy to allow families to have two children.  And the change got widespread coverage from the main-stream media, most of whom are unabashedly pro-abortion. [Read more…]

Why Abortionists Are Worse Than Slave Owners

This week Presidential Candidate Ben Carson made headlines and received scorn from the liberal media for comparing abortion to slavery. During an interview on Meet the Press, Carson was asked if he believed women should have the right to abort their babies. Carson responded: [Read more…]