“Haunted” Photos of Woman Who Filmed Own Abortion

Elizabeth Scalia writes about the abortion video of the woman I mentioned earlier:

If you let yourself become distracted by what is coming from her mouth, you miss all that is revealed in her face, which tells the whole, and very different story. A month after the abortion — with the dramatic change in hairstyle that so many women effect when emotions are high and they need to feel in control of something — watch Emily, then. The light is gone from her eyes. The seeming disconnect between pc-fed head and instinctive heart is laid out in breathtaking and stark incongruity, even down to the shadows, the blue note, the lack of energy. Devastating. Cognizant of it or not, she is a mother in grief.

Here’s what she’s talking about.  Though I’m not going to link to her video, here are screen shots of her before and after she aborted her own child:

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