‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Korie and Willie Robertson ‘Thrilled’ to Announce That They’re Adopting a Son


There’s a new addition to the Duck Dynasty! Korie and Willie Robertson recently announced that they are in the process of adopting another child. [Read more…]

Levi and Lia Tell How They Went from Fatherless to “Fatherfull”

Levi Lia

These two adorable kids really know what Father’s Day is about! [Read more…]

After 9 Years of Waiting, Watch These Parents Meet their Son for the First Time

Screenshot 2015-03-12 07.37.38

Dennis and Carita Chen traveled from Texas to California to adopt a child whose only name was “baby boy.” They could barely contain their excitement and emotion as they closed the distance between themselves and their son.

Then they saw him for the first time, and it all spilled over. [Read more…]

This Week Only! New Film Shows How One South Korean Pastor Is Saving Children’s Lives

Like many large cities, the streets of Seoul see many babies abandoned each day and left to die. Heartbroken at this reality, one South Korean pastor decided to do what he could to change it. [Read more…]

Woman Left at Burger King as a Baby Finds Mom after 27 Years – through a Facebook Post!


I bet you’ve seen this story — a girl who was left as a baby in a Burger King just found her birth mom, using Facebook! [Read more…]