Sorry Hillary, Bill Will Not Be The “First Dude”

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In an attempt to save her stuffy and unrelatable image, Hillary Clinton went on Jimmy Kimmel this week and discussed what she would call her husband, Bill if she is elected president.  Trying so hard to be clever and original, Hillary said she might call Bill the “first dude.” [Read more...]

When the Animal (Lovers) Bite Back

Well-known (and well-meaning) vegan and animal rights activist Ellen DeGeneres has found herself in the boiling hot water of progressive outrage for doing the very thing she has talked so much about – allegedly abusing animals.  Ellen is releasing a shoe line, which will feature leather and suede shoes.  As you could expect, the outrage zombies came hunting. [Read more...]

What the President Didn’t See From Alaska – by “Denali” (Sarah Palin)

Did you know my mom’s code name when she was running for Vice President was “Denali?”  (They called my dad “Driller.”)  She wrote a great piece on The Journal about her take on the President’s recent trip to our home state: [Read more...]

Chinese Naval Ships off the Coast of Alaska

Did you hear about this?? [Read more...]

Mr. President, Get Out of Alaska: You Have Bigger Mountains to Climb

President Obama is taking a trip to the Alaskan Arctic. [Read more...]