“American Wife” by Taya Kyle Tells the Private Story of Marriage with American Sniper Chris Kyle


The reason we love “celebrity stories” is the look it gives us into someone else’s personal life. We think certain people are in a class all by themselves, but come to realize they’re actually just like us. [Read more...]

Lessons from the University Cancellation of ‘American Sniper’ Because Kyle A ‘Mass Killer’


All it takes is a loud, politically-correct minority, and “leaders” cave to the pressure. [Read more...]

20 Veterans a Day Commit Suicide. How Can We Help?

soldiers iStock_000035759694

Multiple studies say that around 20 veterans commit suicide a day. It’s been called an “epidemic.”

It’s sad and it’s not right. How can we help those who have already given the most for their country? [Read more...]

Sarah Palin and Dakota Meyer’s Special Message to Michael Moore


Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer did not appreciate Michael Moore’s tweet about sniper, apparently referring to the new movie “American Sniper” about the life of hero Chris Kyle: [Read more...]

Mom Blasts Hollywood Over ‘American Sniper’ Criticism: You’re Not Fit to Shine Chris Kyle’s Boots


… and I totally agree! [Read more...]