Check Out What These Strangers Did When A Couple Accidentally Texts Them About Their Newborn

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Our news feeds are filled with harsh words, tragic stories, and controversial news stories.  It can feel overwhelming sometimes to scroll through and realize just how divided America is right now.
So I was so refreshed when I read the story of the Williams brothers.  Fox 2 explains:

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Ivanka Trump got the MOST beautiful Easter gift she could ever imagine!

Congratulations to Ivanka Trump!  The mother of two just had another baby! [Read more…]

Quote on abortion clinic’s wall is unintentionally ironic – find out why it’s caused a social media uproar


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What exactly is a holistic abortion? According to Whole Women’s Health, an abortion clinic chain challenging Texas’s common-sense abortion regulations protecting women from abortionists like convicted murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell, holistic abortions take care of mind, body and heart. [Read more…]

Anchorage Baby Successfully Recovers from Heart Transplant


Some days we celebrate little victories, but recently Anchorage celebrated one of the greatest victories of all: life.  [Read more…]

Stunning Sonogram Shows Unborn Baby Holding Dying Twin’s Hand

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  And in the case of the McIntre twins this couldn’t be any more true.

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