A Teen Runaway for Christ

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How many of you remember the story of Fatima Rifqa Bary? She was all over the news 6 years ago, and I’m so glad to finally hear more about how she’s doing! [Read more…]

“American Wife” by Taya Kyle Tells the Private Story of Marriage with American Sniper Chris Kyle


The reason we love “celebrity stories” is the look it gives us into someone else’s personal life. We think certain people are in a class all by themselves, but come to realize they’re actually just like us. [Read more…]

It’s Not Just in Big Cities

Sometimes you think “political correctness” happens only in certain areas of the country  — on the east and west coasts…  in cities… [Read more…]

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Nice Touch, Mom!

You may have seen this on my mom’s Facebook page, but I couldn’t resist.  Her book publication date is getting closer, and tomorrow her book tour schedule is being released.  This is what caught my eye:

Tomorrow we will announce the details of our upcoming “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour scheduled to start November 12th in the beautifully named Bethlehem, PA. This book is not about isolated trivialities. It’s not really just about gingerbread cookies, or stockings hung by the chimney with care, or the big fat man with the long white beard. It’s not about one holiday at all. It’s about that little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes who arrived long before hope and change became political manipulations. It’s about Christ and our ability to worship Him freely. It’s about America, and what liberty truly means in our day-to-day lives. It’s an empowering message that can change your life and help rebuild what is GOOD in this world! I am beyond excited to share this unique book with you and your loved ones. You can pre-order “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas” here:


Barnes & Noble

I can’t wait to hear from you as we apply this positive message to our everyday living and commit to ignoring the “political correctness” that would lead us to do otherwise!


Sarah Palin

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?  You can’t pick a better place to start a book tour for a book called “Good Tidings and Great Joy.”  Any of you live near there who are planning on going to see her?

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Horses, Mom, and a Great Patriotic Gift

Just making sure you saw that Mom’s book, America by Heart,  is now in paperback…  with a super cool, new cover. [Read more…]