Free Superhero Hands for Children Missing Fingers

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Kids used to make fun of him, but now he’s like a superhero. [Read more…]

A Boy With a Stutter Tried Out on The Voice. What Did the Judges Think?

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Harrison Craig had a stutter ever since he learned to talk. But when he sings, it goes away, and he puts his whole heart into his song. [Read more…]

The Four Letter, C Word

Remember when everyone thought Cher had already passed away? [Read more…]

Dear Santa, Can I Get An Early Present?

So sweet! I hope my kids have this much heart: [Read more…]

Bullying in the Name of Tolerance: the Nikki Haley Edition

Lately I’ve been talking about how so many in the Left hate in the name of love and bully in the name of tolerance.  I’ve talked about how the President’s million-dollar donor treats women worse than any conservative I’ve ever known.  Each time I raise these issues, I’m told that those actions don’t represent the mainstream; that they’re the actions of a fringe few than no one need worry about.  But what about the video below?  It shows the president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO bashing in a piñata featuring South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s face.  Is this person “fringe”?  And listen to the audience cheer her on.

When is the Left going to wake up and realize that it has a problem with hate, bigotry and prejudice?  How far will this have to go?  Until they do something about the Bill Mahers, Donna DeWitts and other haters in their midst, I don’t want to hear one more word from them about “civility” or about “compassion” or about “tolerance.”

Watch the video and learn something about liberal hate:


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