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Last week I did what a lot of pregnant mom’s do, I posted a “bump pic,” and per usual, the Left showed their true colors.  I quickly began trending on social media and was blasted with vile and hateful comments.  How dare I be excited about this baby! [Read more...]

An Angelic Voice Sings “Prayer of the Children” – And She’s Only 12 Years Old!

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For all the children around the world who are hurting – this song is our prayer for them! [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Uses Minions to Defend their Selling of Butchered Baby Parts


How ironic is it that Planned Parenthood is using a gif of a minion to attack their critics? [Read more...]

A Child with Down Syndrome in a Washing Machine? Not Funny.


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I don’t think this is funny, do you? [Read more...]

VIDEO: From the Mouths of Babes

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This precious little one’s nightly memory verse is what we all need to remember today!

[Read more...]