My top 3 favorite moments from the Dancing with the Stars premiere

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Dancing with the Stars Season 23 premiered this week and in true Hollywood fashion, it opened with lots of sparkles and drama.

The biggest drama of the night by far came when protestors stormed the stage to shame Ryan Lochte.  Luckily, security stepped in and removed the protestors quickly, but the cast and judges were clearly shaken up after the attack.   I may not be the biggest Ryan Lochte fan after the incident in Rio, but I will admit it does take courage to compete on this show. I know from first hand experience it is a vulnerable place to be in. That being said – I kind of felt bad for him watching it unfold, but there has been plenty worse things to have happened on DWTS.  Just ask Shawn Johnson or me about that!  Hang in there, Ryan.

But besides the drama with Lochte, this week’s premiere shows that this year’s cast is exciting, energetic, and ready to dance!

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ESPN Gave the “Courage Award” to Caitlyn Jenner Instead of Iraq War Vet and Amputee Noah Galloway

Did you see this?

ESPN gave a “courage award” to Caitlyn Jenner instead of this amazing veteran amputee.

Isn’t that crazy!!! I hate how everything in this liberal world is, “Oh equality for all, but not if you don’t agree with us!” 

I hate, for example, how Tim Tebow is SOOO mocked for being a Christian!!!! If anyone says they don’t believe in gay marriage, they’re cursed.  Here’s the thing. Caitliyn Jenner looks great! I don’t care what people do… honestly I have gay friends, but it drives me crazy that people like Noah don’t get recognized for sacrificing their LIFE for our country, while being gay/transgender makes you a hero.

But shouldn’t we let everyone have their own opinions? Without restrictions on them?

We have way too many hypocrites.

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See Iraq War Veteran’s Dancing With the Stars Performance That Left Many in Tears


Noah Galloway is a unique competitor on Dancing With the Stars this year. Lots of people come on with no dance experience, but his challenges are even more obvious — he lost his left arm and left leg defending our freedoms in Iraq.  [Read more…]

Check Out Sadie Robertson’s New Modest Line of “Daddy Approved” Prom Dresses!

Screenshot 2015-01-15 14.55.19

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Sadie Robertson Brings the Bible to Dancing with the Stars

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Sadie Robertson is really trying to live her faith well, while she’s on the show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Recently, she tried to dance the normally-sexy rumba without being too provocative.  This week, she tried to bring the Bible to the stage. [Read more…]