“Funny or Die” Should be Renamed “It’s Funny Babies Die”


“Funny or Die” has such an unfortunate name, because I didn’t laugh once at their recent video. [Read more…]

“The Day I Died… With My Unborn Daughter Still in My Body”


Melanie Pritchard doesn’t remember everything that happened the day she died, but she is so grateful that she – and her daughter – lived to hear the story. [Read more…]

Kara Tippetts — who told Brittany Maynard “We Don’t Have to be Afraid of Death” – Has Died

Kara Tippetts Flickr

The brave soul who wrote “we don’t have to be so afraid of dying and suffering that we choose suicide” passed away yesterday. [Read more…]

What Abortion Looks Like

Matt Walsh has an amazing post.  He had the guts to do what I feared doing when I posted this and this. [Read more…]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

This is so precious: [Read more…]