6 PHOTOS: Exclusive Look Into Our World With Trig

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There is something so special about children with Down Syndrome. I love what this photographer says about these angels!

I could go on and on, about how fun it is to be Trig’s older sister, or give you stories everyday about how much of a blast it is having him in our family (and I know everyone around our family would agree). He is constantly reminding us of what is important, and keeping us grounded on what truly matters. Our lives have been so enriched by my little brother and I wish more people had the opportunity to see the light these kids bring, especially in our world today.

See an exclusive look in our world with Trig here:

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Special Needs Student Gets Spot on UL Lafayette Cheer Squad


The University of Louisiana recently helped a beautiful , young cheerleader accomplish a life long goal. 
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He’s the Only Down Syndrome Restaurant Owner in the Country — and He’s Closing His Doors: Here’s Why


True love stories are hard to come by nowadays, but this one might just melt your heart. Tim Harris, a successful restaurant owner with Down Syndrome, is leaving his life, his restaurant, and his home behind — all for the love of his life. [Read more…]

Pro-Life Group Worried “Safer” New Test for Down Syndrome Will Lead to More Abortions

Kendra Lacroix at Lacroix Photography

Kendra Lacroix at Lacroix Photography

The UK is promoting a new form of screening that may bring even more abortions to babies with Down Syndrome. Pro-life groups across the country have voiced concern about the new process. [Read more…]

A Child with Down Syndrome in a Washing Machine? Not Funny.


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.38.43 AM

I don’t think this is funny, do you? [Read more…]