So Sweet! Watch Dolly Parton’s Duet with Her Biggest Fan with Down Syndrome

dolly-parton and Gage This little boy LOVES country music. He loves Dolly Parton and knows all of her songs. Over his spring break, he got to meet her in person and even sang several duets with her! [Read more...]

What Happened When Three Middle School Boys Saw a Girl With Down Syndrome Being Bullied?

Screenshot 2015-03-12 19.20.28

What did three middle school boys do when they saw a girl being picked on? The answer will probably surprise you! [Read more...]

Meet the First Model With Down Syndrome to Walk the Runway at Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer is so much more than what people label her. [Read more...]

Father Is Threatened with Divorce If He Keeps His Newborn Son. What Will He Decide?


What would YOU do if your spouse said it was either your child or them? [Read more...]

Adoptive Father Begs, Don’t Abort Babies With Down Syndrome: “They Will Bless Your Life”


Check out this great interview with Andy Lara, the adoptive father of a sweet girl named Sunflower Mae, who was born with Down Syndrome. Andy and his wife Mercedes purposely looked for a child with special needs to adopt, and he says Sunflower has filled their life with more joy than he could have imagined. [Read more...]