12-Year-Old with Amazing Voice Sings “I Know that My Redeemer Lives”

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The Whole Fam

The best thing about the holidays is getting together with family.  But when my family gets together, it’s a real crowd.  Here we are on Easter.

One things for sure — we didn’t have to worry about the chocolate in the eggs melting. Can you spot me? Mom? Dad? Click on the photo to enlarge!

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Easter, Alaska Style

Easter is one of the most meaningful days of the year, made better if you’re surrounded by family and tradition.

This year, I got together Easter baskets for Piper, Trig, and Tripp. Then Willow, my mom and I played the “Easter bunny” in the morning and gave them their baskets full of tin foil covered candy. It was so fun to see the kids’ wide-eyed expression as they sorted through the fake green grass to find the goodies!  Then, after they’re on a sugar high from all the chocolate, we went to church.  The kids wore their brightly colored new clothes, we sang songs about Christ’s resurrection, and then we headed to my grandma and grandpa’s.

That’s where our entire family met up for the big Easter egg hunt.  My grandpa took this annual hunt seriously, as he always does. Because he hid money in them, he really made them work… he hid the eggs in ditches, in trees, in clumps of grass, on the outside wall of his shed, and around that 14 foot tall stack of elk antlers in his yard!

Instead of putting the eggs in the middle of a stretch of the yard, to make it easier for Tripp and Trig, he hid them so well that we seriously couldn’t even see a single egg with the naked eye. It took all my cousins hours to find the eggs, and they ended up finding faded eggs from the year before.  (We had to make sure they didn’t pop those in their mouths!)

It was insane, and I’m sure my grandpa spent weeks preparing. (Any wonder where my mom gets her competitive spirit?)  What are your Easter traditions?

However you celebrated, I hope it was surrounded by people you love.

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What is Easter About Anyway?

We got a lot of response from my post “How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes,” and I think it’s because everyone deals with regret.

This Easter week, let’s focus on something else.

After all, it’s not about what you’ve done, it’s about what’s been done for you.

Okay, I didn’t just make that up.  It’s a lyric to this song I just heard called “You Are More” by a band called Tenth Avenue North.  And it wasn’t written about Easter, but this is a particularly good week for us to take our eyes off ourselves and put them where they belong.

After all, we are more than our mistakes.  Enjoy this video of the song, which fits so well with last week’s post – even down to the chalkboard theme.

Have a great Easter week — you’ve been remade!

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