Candace Cameron Bure brilliantly answers ‘what’s wrong with feminism?’

Let’s be real, we are all thrilled about the release of Fuller House on Netflix. But Candace Cameron Bure’s (a.k.a D.J.) response to a ‘Hillary Clinton-Feminism’ question in a Fox News interview may be a little more exciting. [Read more…]

What Sarah Jessica Parker and I Have in Common

In an upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan, cover star Sarah Jessica Parker tells the magazine that she is not a feminist.  [Read more…]

“Uncle Martin was definitely pro-life,” says Dr. Alveda King

Living a life of God’s love and nonviolence has been a tradition for the King family through generations. Dr. Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and she’s following in those footsteps just like her uncle, her dad, and her granddad.

But she didn’t always. [Read more…]

Update: Big Bang Theory Actress Shamed for Rejecting Feminism

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.34.01 AM

Well, that didn’t take long. [Read more…]

Pantene’s Interesting Commercial about Perceptions

Douglas Barclay posted an interesting video made by Pantene. [Read more…]